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Life Without Twitter - An Infographic

Do you love Twitter? Imagine if the popular social media tool didn't exist. What would be different?

Once we adapt to using something so regularly, it's funny to think if it had never existed. Cars, electricity, mobile devices, and even widely used social media networks.

In the case of Twitter, would another similar social site exist instead? Would Facebook become more open?

HubSpot takes a humorous approach to what the world would be like without Twitter in this a new infographic:

Twitter infographic

Download the .pdf version here (includes interactive links)

What do you think would be different without Twitter?

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  • austinwilliams's picture
    May 13 Posted 6 years ago austinwilliams I imagine I'd get more done around the house without Twitter (or Facebook for that matter). Nice post.
  • May 12 Posted 6 years ago Saul Fleischman (not verified)

    I just went through a week in Twitter "jail," just blogged on that today -

  • May 12 Posted 6 years ago Todd (not verified)

    I'd add to the list by pointing out that this isn't an infographic, it's just comic.

  • May 10 Posted 6 years ago Oncelot Directory (not verified)

    I cant imagine. Twitter is now part on communication just like cellphones. It is now part of part of daily routines to everyone.

  • May 8 Posted 6 years ago P V Ariel (not verified)

    Very Interesting post,

    A Post to think about.

    Yeah, That will be unimaginable.

    Thus goes facebook too. LOL

    Thanks for the post.


  • May 8 Posted 6 years ago Aaron Eden (not verified)

    I can't imagine life without Twitter. It is like a necessity for my marketing campaign. Twitter that it is now in the limelight of social media and facebook should try hard to be more innovative because Twitter is in the race now. 

  • May 7 Posted 6 years ago Omer (not verified) I believe that the new era of social media started form Twitter, not b/c sharing information but b/c of the way it flow, the new era of social media is about the flow of information, how we will get it, when, and which site, I think there is a way to change how the word will deal with internet and social media.
  • May 7 Posted 6 years ago Anonymous (not verified)

    Was twitter really just compared with electricity in the capacity that it is essential for daily living?

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