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LinkedIn Adds Work Samples to Profiles

LinkedIn new featuresOver the past few months several social media outlets have implemented significant changes to the functionality of their respective platform. Facebook introduced Graph Search and a new Newsfeed; Twitter made it easier for users to update basic profile information; Instagram now has video; and, Pinterest changed the visual appearance of its image sharing site.

LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, also has made noteworthy changes to the platform, including the ability for users to add media to their profiles. Earlier this year LinkedIn added the feature entitled Work Samples allowing for increased functionality of its professional profiles.

There are two types of Work Samples, including:

1. Images, Documents & Presentations – Users can enhance key sections of their LinkedIn profile, including Summary, Education, and Experience with images, documents, and presentations. If you work within a visual industry, like graphic design or web development, take advantage of this new feature to input samples of your work with a keyword-driven title and description. It is important to remember that files must be under 100MB, and adhere to the supported file formats, including (but not limited to) PDF, PPT, DOC, DOCX, PNG, GIF, and JPG.

2. Links – Users can also direct people to external websites or social media platforms, like Twitter, from their LinkedIn profile. The link will include an image from the destination site, and the option for a description.

To include Work Samples on your LinkedIn profile:

1. Navigate to

2. In the top Navigation Bar, click “Profile” then select “Edit Profile”

3. Scroll down to Summary, Experience, or Education

4. Hover on the blue box with plus-sign

5. Select “Upload File” or “Add Link”

6. Select an image from your computer, click “Open”

7. Include a descriptive Title and Description

8. Click “Save”

After the media has been uploaded to your LinkedIn profile, it can be edited, deleted, or moved to alternative sections.  

Take advantage of these changes to brand your business and the fabulous work in which you do!

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