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LinkedIn’s New Feature to Increase Brand Eminence

ImageWouldn’t it be great if by simply adding a photo to your business LinkedIn profile, your profile would be 10 times more likely to be viewed and attract potential opportunities? Well, there’s a good new for all of you. Today, LinkedIn revamped its ‘who viewed your profile‘ page with a few interesting insights and visual analytics. If your professional image lacks identity, and is searching for a way to increase its visual presence, LinkedIn has made your job easier.

Let me give you a brief about how the new ‘who viewed your profile’ WORKS for your brand

  • As we all know ‘who viewed your profile’ is one of the most popular destinations on LinkedIn as it help people discover new opportunities and be discovered by others. So why not let your venture be discovered by others across the globe? This is the right opportunity to make your brand visible across social networks. Such upgradation of feature will enable you to view greater demographic details of the visitors including their location, profession and even the organization they work with. With visual analytical tools and data-driven insights you can also find the keyword searches that led people view the member’s profile and how the viewer’s found that users.

  • As you know your visitors better than before, you can quickly identify the latest trends and accordingly align your professional brand with your professional goal. Also the new profile offer real-time personalized tips to help your brand get discovered by potential consumers, business partners or like-minded professionals. Such tips enable you to craft your business plan, suggest you regarding which relevant articles should be shared to increase your brand’s visibility.

  • The new LinkedIn feature allow you to see which weeks you have got the maximum numbers of visitors and the quality spikes to your activity. Also if LinkedIn observe a specific trend in viewers viewing your profile, they will immediately identify it for you.

  • The new dashboard also calls what types of people are checking your profile and also how viewers found your business profile. And of course the call-to-action upgradation allows you to see the entire list of people checking your profile.

  • If you wish to get in touch with the viewers who viewed your profile, LinkedIn made it possible.

  • The revamp of the profile gives you an idea of how much more your profile views can be upsurge if proper actions are taken.

How to make your business LinkedIn profile more prominent and drive traffic for your brand?

Make your LinkedIn profile more image-centric:

Visual centric profile enhances your branding and visibility. Images are the first thing people focus on so it is important that you add your own photos or logo while you create your company page. LinkedIn’s rich media tool allows you to easily add presentations, blogs, videos and other media to your business profile page.

An impressive headline can grab the attention of the viewer:

Be creative with the headline, as that is the first point that makes people contacts you. However, make sure that the headline is a brief reflective of your company’s history. This way whenever a potential viewer comes across your profile, they know what details they can acquire from your brand and products.

Give your LinkedIn profile a clean look:

LinkedIn’s clean look provides a snapshot of the members you are searching for and decide with whom you want to do your business. This in turn saves your time and effort to find the prospective clients or business partners. Also your clean business profile highlights a complete portfolio focusing on important features of your products and services. A better engagement with people keeps your visibility and relationship much strong.

Do not beat over bush:

Stop using buzzwords and get creativity showcased in your LinkedIn profile. Pay attention at demonstrating your skills and services rather than playing around with the unnecessary buzzwords. Also it is recommended to use active language. Instead of showing what you are responsible for show how that responsibility delivered the actual result.

This LinkedIn’s new feature is introduced only for the English-speaking members. However, it is expected to be rolled out in other languages as well.

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