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Looking Back at the Top Marketing Trends of 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

No matter the industry you’re in, the marketing landscape is always evolving. Five years ago, Facebook hadn’t yet hit 100 million users - a far cry from the 1.19 billion the company boasts today. Twitter was still seen as a place to share what you had for breakfast that morning - but since then it has become a powerful social tool that can mobilize the masses to share important (and not so important) news and information. And iPads only came onto the scene in 2010.

Given the major changes in technology that leads to a shift in how people consume content, be it information, entertainment or commercial - it’s no surprise that brands have to change their approach to marketing in order to reach their ideal audience.

To help brands understand what has changed and where we’re headed, Uberflip’s latest infographic offers a recap of the top marketing trends of 2013. Content marketing, multiplatform audiences, changes in search engine marketing and the rise of native advertising are just some of the topics covered in this retrospective.

What are the biggest marketing changes of the past year? How have these affected the way brands behave? What should marketers pay attention to in the months to come? See below!

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  • buoyancy Media's picture
    Dec 5 Posted 3 years ago buoyancy Media

    Whist I do not believe that SEO is dead, I do believe the shift is more towards having great content and less about links.



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