Lower Your Website's Bounce Rate

Sandeep Rohilla SEO Manager, Intelegain Technologies

Posted on February 7th 2013

Lower Your Website's Bounce Rate

ImageWhat is website bounce rate?

Website bounce rate means when a visitor comes to your site and leaves without visiting other pages. This often implies your website isn’t appealing.

Keeping visitors on your website for a longer period is certainly a challenge in the highly competitive scenario. A high bounce rate is a signal, which indicates it’s time to concentrate on your website layout, content, and overall presentation. It is surely a concern to see a bounce rate of 50-70% across your web pages.

If you are experiencing a high website bounce rate, it is a strong sign of user dissatisfaction with your portal. Here are a few things you should do to lower the bounce rate:

  • Resolve browser compatibility issue – What do you think can be common causes of a high bounce rate? Content, design, or overall look and feel of your website? In some circumstances, a high bounce rate has nothing to do with the website content or layout. Lack of website compatibility could be an issue. It sometimes happens that your website isn’t compatible with your visitor’s browser. They aren’t able to access website’s content, so they leave. Testers can check for website compatibility in a single browser, which resolves this issue. Cross browser testing is strongly recommended.
  • Organize your website’s sections properly – If browser compatibility isn’t your issue, then it could be lack of section arrangements. In most cases, the site design is so overdone that it becomes difficult for users to find desired information. For instance: you have clicked through a website in the desire to find something relevant. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to find what is required. In that case, you aren’t going to waste your entire day looking for a single piece of information. You will hit the “Back” button and try another listing. Make your website design simple and organize your sections neatly to reduce bounce rate.
  • Create unique content – If website design isn’t the problem, it could your content. You can build an appealing website to attract visitors, but if your content lacks relevance or interest, your bounce rate will be higher. If you aren’t sure what is wrong with your content, ask yourself these questions: Is my content original? Is my content grammatically correct? Does it serve my reader’s purpose? Is my content in line with my industry?  If your answers are negative, it’s time to revamp your content. 

Sandeep Rohilla

SEO Manager, Intelegain Technologies

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