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Make Social Bookmarking Part of Your Marketing Strategy

You have finally mastered getting your business on Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. These social networks are great ways to get your company visible on the web and ways to get links back to your website. Another social way that has become important in enhancing traffic to your site is social bookmarking.

SEO and social bookmarkingSocial bookmarking, according to Wikipedia is “sharing bookmarks of web documents (primarily to a web URL) in an Internet Web browser.” With social bookmarking you are simply sharing your website or blog’s URL with others through social media for the purpose of getting your message in front of the largest audience interested in the specific topic you are talking about.

So you may ask why social bookmarking is important? Social bookmarking is sharing the reference of your content with other websites. This sharing creates links which is an important part of your website’s search engine optimization or SEO. Ultimately, social bookmarking is a great marketing tool to get your name and link with information out to the people who are interested in reading about what you have to say.

Many people use social bookmarking sites for searches as the information on them can sometimes be found quicker than via a search engine, which may have yet been spidered and indexed for organic search.

All information on social bookmark sites such as Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon are uploaded by humans, not algorithms and humans determine how high a site ranks on them by the amount of times it was bookmarked by other users. Just like social networks, social bookmark sites are free to join.


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