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Make Your Content Go Viral with Vine

There’s tremendous pressure on marketers when it comes to managing content marketing. Content marketing not only means organizing and controlling tone and messages, but also getting it seen by others. User-generated content has become increasingly imperative for brands, especially with the emergence of video platforms like Vine. If you have yet to experiment with Vine, here’s what you can do with it to take your content marketing strategy to a different level altogether. Because nowadays, businesses are finding plenty of reasons to use Vine as a great marketing tool.

What is this Vine phenomenon?

Vine is a short video app that has the ability to merge together bits of nonconsecutive video content to create a montage. You can easily produce and share six-second videos. The best part is, Vine appears inside a tweet. This means you do not have to redirect your viewers to another website. And when it comes to content marketing, you can no way avoid this popular marketing tool. You will find that majority of the renowned companies are making use of Vine to create brand awareness and to make themselves appealing to their target audiences. However, don’t commit the usual video marketing mistakes that some of the marketers usually do.

How to use Vine as a great tool for content marketing:

Make your message more interesting

Vine videos are more interesting and engaging than texts. Short video content adds more impact to messages and, in some cases, help to connect with your audiences on a more personal level. It takes less time to comprehend a content through video than through text. In six seconds, you can share interesting and informative details about your field or about something else that your potential audiences might find useful.

Use Vine for story-telling

If you’re going to use Vine successfully, you need to create a micro-plan. Think about your audience who might be watching the video and ask two basic questions:

  • What do you want them to do after they watch the video on Vine?
  • Why would they do it?

If you can answer these two questions, write something about it and present it in front of your audience. They can understand that something new is coming out and they should look for more information soon. However, make sure that you know beforehand what kind of visuals you’re going to use for story telling – are they products? Are they people? Or something else?

To explain a complex idea

Vine can be used as a teaching or instructional tool. Use short videos to explain complex ideas that are difficult to understand. After all, some concepts are just easier to understand visually.  Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. And 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. So, people respond better to visual information than plain text.

Better connect with your audience

Of course you can tweet back and forth, but there’s something more personal about interacting with your fans and customers through a video. In fact, you can respond to customer feedback via a Vine video that actually works better for your large content strategy.

Encourage people to participate

Encouraging followers to submit their own content is one of the dynamic ways to engage people in your content marketing strategy. This time, why don’t you try something different? You can easily garner user-generated content by running a contest with prizes for users submitting the best Vine videos. You may also use Vine to get feedback.

Make utmost use of existing videos

Vine is a good way to re-leverage the video content that are collecting dust. The website can create short previews that link back to longer videos. You can easily create six-second short videos from the existing video content and change the way you promote that content on Twitter for betterment. Companies of all kinds are using this powerful weapon to share their story through video.

Video marketing is the latest buzz. And with Vine, you can certainly make your content go viral among the targeted audiences.

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