Making Your Video Content Work Harder

Neil Davidson Founder/CEO, My Web Presenters

Posted on March 31st 2014

Making Your Video Content Work Harder

Making video content work harderMaking a corporate video requires a significant investment of both time and money, so it’s essential to make your video work hard in order to achieve a respectable return on investment.

Many companies post their video onto their website, optimised for SEO in order to grab some passing traffic, and consider it finished.

However, with a certain amount of planning and thought, it’s possible to find multiple ways to make your video work even harder.

Maximise the Potential on Your Website

Most business websites have numerous pages, so why limit your beautiful new video to appearing only once. If you’ve made a demonstration video about a new product, don’t limit that video to appearing simply on the product page. Use it on the home page as an introduction to your latest products and services, write a piece for your latest news section/blog which includes the video, and if you have a help section post it there to address any potential queries that may arise around that product.

Having a business blog is essential if you want to establish brand authority, build brand identity, and interact and build a community with your customers. And a blog provides you with another excellent opportunity to show off your new video. Once your new demonstration video is complete write a blog, or a series of blogs, detailing different aspects of your product and integrate the video there too.

Finally, if you have a number of corporate videos consider adding a video resources section to your website. Not only does this give you an efficient way to organise and present your video content, it also gives potential prospects an easy and engaging way to learn about your company and the products and services you offer.

Yea, you can just lump them all on YouTube but then you will have activity taking place in an environment that you cannot control so well and that is further away from you.

Promote Your Video on Social Media

Social media is becoming an essential tool for all businesses, but it can be tough to always add value and to sum up important news in 140 characters or less. However, promoting your new video via social media is a win-win situation. It gives your followers engaging and fun content in a friendly format, plus it puts it in the hands of your fans who will (all being well) help you promote it.

Depending on your strategy and the relevance of your video you may want to post your video on different video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, and include it on your company Facebook page. Think up a number of tweets, each focusing on a different aspect of your video, and set the tweets to post at various times. By staggering your tweets, more people will see them, and the different aspects you focus on will appeal to different people, increasing your chances of them clicking through to watch it. It’s also worth using a different thumbnail and headline when posting the video in multiple places.

Show Your Video at Trade Shows and Conferences

Attending trade shows and conferences provides companies with a big opportunity to gain some face time with other businesses and optimise your networking potential. They’re especially important for startups, keen to establish new connections that could lead to business and sales.

With everybody competing for attention, you need to find a way to make your business stand out. Having invested in an explainer video to describe your company mission in a clear, concise manner, set up a tablet, flatscreen TV or projector to play your video in a loop. In addition to helping you stand out from the competition, it will also save you from explaining your company mission repeatedly, leaving you more time to discuss new deals and working relationships.

It’s worth remembering that trade shows can be very noisy, so consider using a video that doesn’t have a voiceover or displaying subtitles while it’s playing, like this excellent video from ZenCash.

Use Your Video to Pitch to Investors

Investors have busy lives and receive numerous pitches, so it’s essential to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Telling the story of your brand in a 1 or 2 minute video shows your potential investors that you have the commitment and dedication to make your business work, and it gives your investors adequate information for them to decide whether they want to hear more about you.

When choosing a video to send to potential investors, make sure it clearly shows who you are, what your company mission is, and details the benefits of investing in your business. A good video strengthens your pitch and provides some personality. Remember, don’t tell them how good you are, show them.

A video such as this one from Mint has the potential to attract new customers and convince investors to cash in on the potential of this startup.

Recruit New Employees

Hiring new employees can be a long and tedious process. One aspect of recruitment that can be especially time-consuming is continually explaining what your company ethos is to potential employees. Adding a short video on your recruitment page can help with this process, as a 90-second video can say more about the company than your HR department could describe in an hour-long conversation.

As well as giving applicants enough information to decide on their next step, an impressive video can act as a magnet for top talent as it’s a marker of a company’s ambitions.

The following video by Heineken, itself a record of the company’s recruitment process, is a fantastic advert for working for the brand.

Continuing in the theme of recruitment, there are also possibilities to use existing video content when training new staff. Having a core set of videos promoting the company mission to show to new employees is an excellent way of ensuring your brand mission is consistent across the company.

Repurpose Your Video Content into Smaller, Bite-Sized Chunks

Webinars and interviews are becoming increasingly popular business tools, and they can provide perfect video content for your website. However, there is often one drawback: time.

Posting the webinar on your website can be a fantastic use of video resources, and it’s worth considering transcribing the content for SEO purposes to catch all those useful keywords. But they can be a long commitment for the casual viewer who is looking for the answers to a specific question.

With this, or any other lengthy piece of video content, consider breaking it down into a number of smaller, more digestible chunks that are focused on a particular subject area. This will potentially broaden the reach of your vidoe content as you will have a suitable type of content for more people, additionally you will have video specific to more topics so it will be more effective in terms of SEO.

There are numerous ways in which savvy companies can use their existing video content to extend their reach and to maximise their investment in its production. Corporate videos have the potential to serve a multitude of purposes and, with a little careful planning and creativity, you can significantly extend the shelf life of your video as a marketing tool.

Have you found any other uses for your company videos? We’d love to hear about them.

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