The Market Has Officially Changed: Marketers Should, Too [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on January 16th 2014

The Market Has Officially Changed: Marketers Should, Too [INFOGRAPHIC]
It's no secret the Internet has more than double the number of marketing channels, outbound marketing tactics like newspapers, consumer magazines, radio and TV are going out of style, while inbound marketing channels like mobile, social media and search engines are on the rise and growing exceptionally. According to a study inbound marketing accounted for 34 percent of all lead generated in 2013 and it produced 54 percent more leads than outbound marketing. 19 out of 25 of marketers believe internet marketing has changed more in the past two years than the past 5 decades.
Today’s most successful and forward-thinking marketing leaders are focused on new and innovative ways of generating revenue. But how they are tackling tech savvy generations' demand? How are they doing it? Find the answers and more in below infographic titled the evolution of the perfect marketing department from adeccousa team that illustrates how emerging technology, business pressures and shifts in consumer habits are influencing best marketing practices.

Benefits of transitioning from push to pull marketing, savvy demand generation is driving change, how marketing departments are coping with change - Explore the evolution of marketing - infographic
Irfan Ahmad

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Samuel Hum
Posted on January 21st 2014 at 8:21AM

We're moving towards an era where information is freely obtainable, and where everything is becoming crazily efficient and fast. Marketers need to be really adaptable, fast, and aware of the many changes happening all around at once.

It's an exciting, yet challenging time for all of us.

Thanks for sharing this infographic, Irfan!

Irfan Ahmad
Posted on January 21st 2014 at 9:55AM

Agree Samuel, marketers must aware of the digital changes and trends.

Thanks for the commnet.