McDonalds Share Social Media Insight, Trends and Predictions: Q&A With Heather Oldani, Senior Director of Communications

Posted on March 8th 2013

McDonalds Share Social Media Insight, Trends and Predictions: Q&A With Heather Oldani, Senior Director of Communications

Q&A With Heather OldaniHeather Oldani shares predictions

Senior Director of Communications at McDonalds

Useful Social Media: In your view, what are the big issues to watch out for in 2013?

Heather Oldani: In recent weeks, we’ve seen a number of brands’ social media channels get hacked. I believe that this will continue to be an issue that brands will need to be mindful of and prepared for in the coming year.  What steps can and should we all be taking to minimize risk in this area and to also then think about the rapid response plan that would be put in place should one of our social channels get hacked.

Useful Social Media: Do you feel that brands across the board aren't doing enough to utilize social media?

Heather Oldani: I think a number of us are activating social media in some really interesting and engaging ways to support our brands, products and services. I still believe that the hugely untapped area is how do we then leverage the insights gathered through those activations, through our monitoring and real-time engagements to drive business action.

Useful Social Media: Social is such a dynamic platform, if you could predict the biggest game changer in the next 10 years what would it be?

Heather Oldani: I recently had the opportunity to hear someone from the Futures Institute present their 10-year forecast, i.e., what we can expect in the next decade.  What most intrigued me was the idea of “reciprocity innovation.”  In other words, how do brands and people collaborate with one another to drive innovations that benefit both the business and society.  Social media and social engagement has a huge role to play in helping to facilitate that kind of two-way innovation that has mutual benefits.

Useful Social Media: You are scheduled to speak at Useful Social Media’ upcoming Corporate Social Media Summit. What issue will you be addressing?

Heather Oldani: I am looking forward to this year’s Summit and to hearing how others are evolving in the social media space.  I will be sharing some of the lessons we have learned (i.e., the good, the bad and the ugly) as we have looked to increase our overall brand transparency. 


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