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Mention Tools: The Strategic Weapon for the New Era Of Search Industry

With the globalisation continuously extending its reach, every internet marketing company is propelled towards better prospects as compared to their competitors, desiring immediate success. Besides the traditional techniques of link earning, a recent discovery in the field of search industry has revealed a revolutionary tool, which is striving to meet the intense expectation levels of such companies. The impeccable Mention Tool is slowly, but surely climbing the popularity ladder owing to its exceptional ability to derive results. The valued supports of two big names in the Internet Marketing industry, SEOmoz and Ahrefs, have helped tremendously in turning this vision into a reality.  

Undoubtedly, most of people in the internet marketing circuit must be very well adept with the various tools introduced by SEOmoz, which have proven to be useful and is popular with the companies associated with SEO. These tools have always proved to be proficient for all your internet marketing assignments. Companies like SEOmoz have always believed in making things easier for marketers. Hence, they make sure that they come up with cutting-edge tools every time.

Fresh Web Explorer: An Unmatched Mention Tool

Knowing the mentions is apparently one of the major requirements for any internet marketing campaign. This being the most crucial factor, SEOmoz, true to its motto to deliver something path-breaking everytime, has introduced an advanced tool for tracking your mentions all around the web which is termed the “Fresh Web Explorer”. This is one of the most innovative tools provided by SEOmoz which could be used only by the “PRO” users of this blog site. The PRO account with SEOmoz entitles the users to keep a track of all their links, social mentions and web citations at a single place, enabling a more convenient approach in managing all associated SEOmoz data.  

 How It Works ?

Fresh Web Explorer is a potential platform to research and compare various mentions and links of the domain through one of its kind index termed “Freshscape”. It also enables examining the mentions of your company along with analysing your competitor's company. In addition to these, you would be able to notice various relevant and applicable contents on the web which could prove to be a great help for a campaign.

 The Application

Maintaining records of the latest sites such as forums, blogs and news sites which promotes your brand or campaign is undoubtedly a very daunting task. Owing to this reason, SEOmoz has developed its tool - Fresh Web Explorer which expertly deals with your problem. Often we come across various weary tools which are not competent enough to meet our requirements as they lack in various features and specifications. Agreed, there are tools namely Google Alerts, Topsy, Trackur, Ubervu, Buzzstream and Social Mention which work well in their own respective ways, but it gets annoying sometimes to keep switching between the tools to get the latest updates for our brand or campaigns. SEOmoz has implemented every possible feature in Fresh Web Explorer, to provide you a better experience to check out the required data for your campaign.

Why Does It Rock?

Clearly, this tool proves itself to be more efficient in various standards as compared to the other set of tools. Fresh Web Explorer possesses great functionalities which provide some excellent benefits to the user. The service is similar to that of Open Site Explorer, which again adds to the advantages for OSE users. Thus, one can experience the convenient functioning with added salient features. In addition to exhibiting links, this tool effectively manages to derive complete web content including articles, blog posts, forums, user comments and various others. Looking upon the various terms, it is evident that it provides us with a thorough analysis. One of the most impressive features of Freshscape Index is that, it gets updated automatically every eight hours.

An Overview of The Salient Features :

  • Feed Authority Scale- The most distinctive feature ofFresh Web Explorer is the feed authority. It’s a metric which easily sorts out a required data. A feature exclusively designed for Fresh Web Explorer, it analyses and assigns particular weightage to your content. It also forecasts the number of subscribers based upon the generated feeds. In short, you could sort your data through feed authority scale.
  • Useful Operators-To get optimum search results, Fresh Web Explorer offers you a wide range of search operators. These operators help you in enhancing your search techniques, giving the results in a more specific and precise manner. There are various operators which are specifically designed to return the exact value of your desired search.
  • Export FWE Data to Customize the Reports- In case,you are looking to merge your data with other derivations, than Fresh Web Explorer is just the right platform for you. You will come across 10,000 mentions, which could be exported through Freshscape index. Besides this, you will be able to sort out as many mentions either by their date, feed authority, domain, HTML title or URL.
  • Get Active With FWE- Mention data and fresh links are relatively the most important factors for online marketers today. Fresh Web Explorer offers you multiple probabilities through which you could attract the targeted audience for your content, also benefitting your campaign. If you are already into SEO, you must be pretty well aware of the role of various search engines like Google and Yahoo.

These top notch features constantly strive to keep you ahead in the current trends of the competitive market. At the initial steps, you could also implement Fresh Web Explorer to get excellent return on investment following some easy steps like-

  1. Seeking the recent mentions in FWE where you are still not linked
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Content Strategy

A Special Tour of Ahrefs's Strategic Tool-Mention Tracks

On the other hand, Ahrefs  has introduced its own mention tool termed “Mention Tracker”. Ahrefs basically works with the backlink analysis, and has made an additional effort towards its contribution to enhancing SEO tools. This tool is also equipped with many astounding features which will provide you with massive options and also facilitate the aligning of fresh links and mentions carried by the news, blogs and forums of your brand.

Why Does It Rock?

Ahrefs has managed to combine each and every prospect while developing this tool. This tool helps you find the latest mentions and the most relevant terms for your campaign. You could also analyse the strategies you could conveniently work upon. It proves to be a great platform to make your searching and tracking results even more accurate through its new search operators. After all, what's better than to get the latest and the perfect mentions for your tracking? One of the prime features of this tool is its multiple keywords searching facility which allows you to deal with as many keywords that suits your requirement. So, this tool could be identified as an effective tool to track your data which gives a more accurate version to your content.

The Working Process:

Mentions Tracker is less time consuming in fetching your data as compared to the earlier tools. You will then come across the entire context rather than just few links, including every URL for social links. The best part of this tool is that you will also have the benefit of saving excess queries which could be used in the future. The utility of this tool lies in its various search operators like site, link, intitle, lang, quotes, minus sign and many more.

 A Look Upon The Salient Features:

All of Ahrefs’ efforts were focussed on this particular aspect while developing this tool so as to satisfy the needs of the user. Mentions Tracker is enriched with a wide list of features providing you with the best options for your campaign. Let’s have a brief look at the same:

  • Enlarge Your Reach-You can look out for the latest mentions of your brand, to which you are not linked thereby claiming them for yourself. This will help in enhancing your press coverage, brand promotion, an improved customer service and enables direct traffic.
  • Enhance Your Content Strategy-As you find mentions for your campaign, you will be able to come up with new and vibrant topics relevant to your content.
  • Track Your Competition- This tool effectively helps in comparing your growth status with your competitors. You may also get the opportunity to mention your campaign to those sources which keeps on mentioning your competitors frequently.
  • Audit Your Links- The tool that  help in preparing a complete analysis of paid links, sponsored posts, SEO/social/PR campaign activities of your competitors to help you make adjustments in your strategies according to the analysis.

Fresh Web Explorer Vs Mention Tracker

This could not be actually termed as a comparison. Both these counterparts possess robust functionalities along with their own excellent features. However, the below given infographic will help us in getting a clear view of both these tools:


As we could see that both these tools are equally same in terms of their graphs, analysis and strategy, both do provide results with excellent possibilities to provide definite mention status, taking your site to the next level of success.

The Final Verdict: Although, this is relatively a new tool developed by SEOmoz and Ahrefs, there are many more modifications which could still enhance these tools. Meanwhile, you could be assured to have a better content and mention every time you use the distinctive features of both these tools.

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