Merging Mobile and Social to Humanize Your Brand

Neal Schaffer President, Maximize Your Social

Posted on November 20th 2012

Merging Mobile and Social to Humanize Your Brand

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We talk a lot about mobile devices as the great enabler in terms of connecting you to your audience anywhere, anytime. By taking advantage of the flexibility mobile offers, combined with the wealth of information sharing and connectivity of social platforms, there is no limit to the relationships you can create with customers; that is, unless don't you create those relationships.

One of the biggest missed opportunities that so many companies fall victim to with social media is not capitalizing on its ability to humanize your brand. Unlike traditional marketing, social media offers customers the ability to interact on a level deeper than buy/sell, so it is crucial to create a sense of realism. Never before has the ability to humanize been so accessible, thanks to mobile devices. So, how do you take advantage of them?

Live Tweeting

One of the easiest ways to show your customers that your brand is not a robotic, link-spewing, marketing-obsessed, egomaniac, is to live tweet events or promotions. Live tweeting has been shown to have a better rate of engagement and is a perfect way to show your audience that there is an actual person behind the messages they see.

The beauty of mobile is that it gives you so much freedom to tweet from anywhere, allowing you to push more content quicker. You also now not only have the ability to tweet from places you might not have been able to in the past like concerts, sporting events, etc., you also can give your audience the ability to track and interact from anywhere by making all your tweeted links mobile friendly (i.e., optimized landing pages for all links).

Creating Multiple Voices

There is certainly something to be said for keeping a consistent voice coming from your company, however social media opens the doors for your entire team to become more of a community that your customers can engage with. Having just one channel open talking about your business does not nearly reach as large or as interested an audience as does bringing many personalities to the table all driving at the same goal.

This strategy is one that can be achieved through any platform, but as with live tweeting, mobile simply takes the accessibility to a whole new level. Each of your employees is unique and so too will be their social media choices. You may have designers on staff that are highly visual and can be a huge asset in your Instagram and Pinterest efforts while a copywriter or marketer may be more inclined towards platforms like Twitter or Tumblr. As social sites begin to look mobile-first, having as many members of your team connected in your social efforts will give you the ability to get great content constantly flowing out to your audience from multiple channels.

Connecting With Other Brands

Almost as important as connecting with your audience, is connecting with other brands. These may be brands you already work with, or just brands that will have similar audiences. Driving conversations with other companies not only will help you make connections with potential allies, it will help you build credibility as an industry leader and show your customers (and potential customers) that you always stay informed.

The obvious outlet for this type of interaction would of course be Twitter where you can easily comment or reply to material offered by brands, but possibly even more powerful is a well thought out response on a company blog post. The more readers see that your company is willing to take the time to read and react to someone’s ideas, the more trust and security your audience will have in what you do.

The more social leans toward merging with mobile, the more opportunities to humanize your brand will pop up. Things like location-based social platforms give your audience a glimpse at your team interacting in the real world. Media sharing platforms give your customers the ability to market for you on the go and give you the ability to comment and engage with them in real-time. If you can get over the fear of adopting a mobile-first mentality, and always be on the look out for new ways to prove to your audience that there is not a motherboard behind your marketing, you’ll be well on your way to creating a better relationship with your customers.


Neal Schaffer

President, Maximize Your Social

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