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The Missing Piece to your Social Media Reporting: Response Rate

Did you know that based on recent reports, most brands are super slow at responding to customers on the fastest social network around, Twitter? As you can tell, this is a huge missed opportunity and can cause brands a bit of grief. Some brands might think they are pretty responsive, but in an “up to the minute” world, being pretty responsive isn’t good enough.

When analyzing social efforts, we usually look at traditional social media KPI’s such as Likes, Comments, Tweets, Retweets and Shares. These are all a great start, however there is obviously a major piece of the puzzle missing; response time. To rack up engagements and build communities, there must be a high standard of responsiveness in your social strategy. What is the point of starting or participating in a conversation about your brand if you have no intention of following up on the dialogue? This is where many social efforts fall flat. Publishing witty posts and tweeting out cute kitties are meaningless if they if do not generate a two-way conversation. So how do you get started? There are many tools out there that will tell you your average response time, but very few let you compare it to your industry competitors. by Sprout Social does both.

Before I detail my experience with, I should disclose that I was invited by a representative of theirs and asked to give my honest feedback. I have had experience with Sprout Social’s products and they have all been great. MustBePresent is an addition to their stellar track record when it comes to social reporting and metrics. This free app syncs with your Twitter account and shows you a breakdown of your overall response rate based on inbound tweets versus replies sent. This is presented to you in an easy to digest infographic which would fit perfectly into any brand’s current reporting package. To compare your responsiveness to others in the social space, MustBePresent gives you a percentile ranking and also gives you the industry average response time. There are also comparisons made between responsiveness of audience sizes and the amount of incoming messages an account receives.

Responsiveness is a pillar of social media and should be as important as any other metric. With the evolution of social analytics tools, there really is no reason NOT to track your responsiveness.

Ok, be truthful! What is your response rate based on this tool? Post your score in the comment section!

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  • Virginia Bautista's picture
    Mar 9 Posted 4 years ago Virginia Bautista

    Hi Nathan,

    I completely agree with you.  Netizens expect brands to be responsive, and the lack of timely response is often perceived by netizens as a sign that the brands do not take engagement seriously.  And yes, you are absolutely correct: "Responsiveness is a pillar of social media and should be as important as any other metric."  

    Thanks for the insightful article! 


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