Mobile eCommerce Is the Future: Here's What Every Marketer Needs to Know

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Posted on September 12th 2013

Mobile eCommerce Is the Future: Here's What Every Marketer Needs to Know

Mobile eCommerce Predicted to Reach $25 Billion in 2013 (Source: QR Code Press, 2013)

The future of marketing is ecommerce – mobile ecommerce in particular. In the United States alone, comScore reported that mobile commerce $10 billion sales in the first half of 2013 and is predicted to exceed $25 later this year.

Mobile Marketing Trends 2013

Andrew Lipsman, VP of Industry Analysis for comScore stated that mobile commerce is now accounting for 1 in every $10 in online purchase.

The data showed that 63% of mobile commerce sales originated from smartphones, with the remaining 37% occurring through tablets. However, when looking at the individual device user, the average spending was only $47.17 over smartphones, with a notably higher $56.87 over tablets.

Mobile Subscribers Projected to Grow by 3.9 Billion in 2017

In the Mobile Economy 2013 report by ATKearney, it indicates that almost half of the human population using mobile communications, a billion mobile subscribers were added in the last 4 years making a total of 3.2 billion users.

Growth of Mobile Users and Population WorldwideMobile Subscribers Worldwide Expected to Grow by 3.9 Billion in 2017 (Source: ATKearney, 2013)

By 2015, 65% of the World’s Mobile Users Are in Asia Pacific

Emerging markets in the Asia Pacific are expected to add nearly half of the new connections of 1.4 billion growth between now and 2017. According to Portio Research report, the percentage contribution of the Asia Pacific region to the worldwide mobile subscriber base will increase from 51.3 percent at end-2012 to 54.3 percent at end-2016 making up half the population of the mobile users worldwide.

APAC Mobile Users By NumberAsia accounts for two-thirds of global mobile revenue growth (Source: Mobile World Live, 2013)

It is estimated that the total number of global mobile subscribers will reach approximately 7 billion by 2015 and the proportion of Asia is expected to be 65% of the total, forming the most significant region among the world mobile markets.

The top four markets in the region combined (China, Japan, India and South Korea) account for 66% of Asia’s population, 60% of Asia’s mobile connections and over 70% of regional mobile income.

What Marketers Need to Focus On: Mobile Enhances the Traditional Brand Experience

Aside from having a mobile optimized website that’s fit for viewing and shopping for mobile users, it’s very important for marketers to align both online and offline marketing campaigns and provide smooth experience for its users. It means that integrated campaigns for both in-store and online experiences should not only coincide but it’s important that they support each initiatives with the mobile and social experiences at its core.

In the Luxury Marketing Outlook 2013, brands are urged to take cross-channel approach to provide consumers with experience that intertwine the in-store, digital and mobile channels to cater to the customers purchase needs with mobile as the focus for optimization. Direct mails, email marketing, organizing branded events and allowing consumers to share their stories, offering loyalty programs and real-time marketing will help brands to not only capitalize on the the various platforms available to work seamlessly but also allow more room for creativity and provide better and connected experiences for the consumers.

Here are some creative examples of integrated and interactive campaigns will definitely win consumers,

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