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More Proof that Television Advertising is Alive and Well

Ok, ok, quiet down everyone. All those who have predicted the demise of television advertising raise your hand. You know who you are, the ones who have forecast doom and gloom for television advertising in the digital age for years  now. You've been predicting that social media, mobile advertising, online advertising and digital advertising in general will spell the end of our near and dear friend - the television when it comes to advertising.


This article is directly squarely at you, or as we say in Philly: at yous. (Yes I know the grammar police will be after me but please pardon my brief colloquialism, if you will.)

If television advertising is on its death bed how do you explain the fact that almost two-thirds (62.4% to be precise) of all advertising dollars spent by the major media buyers was spent on television advertising?

The data, as Joe Mandese put it in his article on Media Post, was "the most empirical view yet of actual media-buying behavior among major ad agencies, because it is based on their actual buys, not the kind of estimates supplied by third-party syndicated researchers or industry analysts."

In other words, the nearly 65% number is not some pie-in-the sky prediction here boys and girls, it's a cold, hard fact. You know, the irrefutable kind of fact.

It's A  Multi-Screen World After All

With the advent of so many different screens, in addition to our dear friend TV that is, surely television must be getting lost in the smartphone, tablet, e-reader, etc., shuffle, right?

Surely consumers who use multiple screens throughout the course a given day, and that number is most assuredly rising, are more apt to prefer viewing an ad on a screen other than television, yes?

Well, you may want to hold that thought.

According to results from a Microsoft Advertising survey conducted with Flamingo Research and Ipsos OTX, nearly three-quarters of multi-screen consumers are open to advertising on TV, compared to 57% on computers and 51% on tablets.

Let's Get One Thing Straight

I am by no means professing my love for television advertising as the sole medium for any advertiser.

On the contrary for as anyone who has followed me knows that I am a huge proponent of integrated marketing or cross-channel marketing. Obviously digital channels like social media and online advertising must play a role given the world we live in. And there's a reason I wrote late last year that Mobile Marketing (is) Too Large For Brands To Ignore.

You would be a complete fool not to realize our world is now a mobile one for all intents and purposes.

But there's also a reason I wrote Why Brands Need To Treat Computer Screens Like TV Screens.

Television advertising is not going anywhere anytime soon. Period.

Ok TV-is-dead people, bring it on.

I'm waiting for you.

Sources: Media PostMarketing Charts Photo credit: ccharmon

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  • Mar 21 Posted 4 years ago treb (not verified)

    Great post Dan!!! In really had a great time reading it!!! It was really informative, thanks for sharing!!


  • David Mitchel's picture
    Mar 19 Posted 4 years ago David Mitchel

    You are not going to get an argument from me. A brand has to be present in a lot of different places now. It is generally a good idea for a brand to be in every space that the potential target market is in within reason. Each brand has unique individual circumstances.

    In the past, I've made similar points to you in blog posts about the end of TV advertising. While my work is concentrated in the online space, I'm not one to believe that TV has reached a death knell, though the way that TV advertising is executed is changing and will continue to change. For certain brands, there's going to have to be a keen awareness and a well executed multi-channel marketing strategy that includes both TV and online efforts.

    Isn't Super Bowl Sunday a good reminder of why television advertising still has a place?

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