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My 7 Favorite Content Marketing Tips and 29 More I Like A Lot [SLIDESHARE]

badge jay says My 7 Favorite Content Marketing Tips and 29 More I Like A Lot

In the run-up to Content Marketing World, Lee Odden and his team at TopRank Online Marketing created this terrific SlideShare presentation that includes 36 tips from rock star brands and marketers (tying in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland angle). It is chock full of useful observations and advice. It definitely qualifies as a Youtility – it’s marketing so good, you’d pay for it if Lee asked you to do so. Fortunately, it’s 100% free, and available below.

I’m in there with one of my favorite lines in Youtility:

“Stop being amazing, and start being useful.”

From my pal Robert Roseof CMI:

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world that you are one.”

From Joe Chernovof Kinvey(and the 2012 Content Marketer of the Year):

“Create content that speaks to your audience, and then hustle like hell to get it discovered.”

From the brilliant Todd Wheatland of Kelly Services(who did a fantastic Social Pros podcast with me):

“To excel and content marketing, you need to dig much deeper than knowing customer profiles. You’ve got to know yourself. And not be afraid to show it.”

From the always thought-providing Chris Baggottof Compendium (a flat-out amazing content marketing platform that we are proud to advise, and that we’ll be switching to on C&C soon):

“Don’t try to make it perfect. Write a LOT. Volume trumps perfect.”

From Tom Webster of Edison Research, the most interesting man online and my friend and collaborator:

“If you figure out what your audience expects you to be, and then be that thing, you’ll be successful.”

From Marcus Sheridan, who consistently teaches me new things about content marketing, and who wrote the foreword to Youtility:

“How do I rock my content marketing? Simple. I never try to sound smart.”

Which of those is your favorite? Or maybe one of the other 29 tips in the Slideshare resonates with you even more?

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