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Never Doubt the Dominance of a WordPress Website

When it comes to Content Management Systems, there really is no comparison, WordPress dominates. I realize with this comment I am going to receive backlash from Joomla and Drupal users, but in my defense; this infographic from Graphs.net supports my reasoning.

WordPress holds 53.8% of market share where as Joomla, a stiff competitor to Wordpress in terms of popularity holds only 9.2% market share. The WordPress Plugin directory comprises of 19,017 plug-ins that are available for free and these plugins are downloaded over 285,000,000 by various WordPress users.

As a web developer, WordPress offers me the freedom to make the customizations I need to make, as well as, the ease of editing for my clients. There is nothing easier, than WordPress' plugin directory - it allows for a person with little to no web experience to search, click and install a new feature for their website. Also, with 100,000 WordPress site being built on a daily basis - it demonstrates the ease and reliability of this CMS.

Let's not forget about the social aspects of WordPress. With this platform having its own "community" - it is very easy to learn new methods and strategies to implement for your business' website. Sharing ideas and plugin tweaks are a norm on WordPress.org, plus the support your receive from developers is astounding. With amazing plugins like, "Tweet Old Posts", which keeps your older content in circulation for more views and a greater reach on Twitter - and the Yoast SEO Plugin which assists with your search rankings and it already implements Google's new Authorship feature - your website is always on the cutting edge of social media implementation.

WordPress may not be the choice for everyone, but it definitely needs to be considered when choosing your CMS and website platform.

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  • Katherine Tattersfield's picture
    Dec 14 Posted 4 years ago 8 Circle Media

    Why? WordPress started out as a blogging platform, but it's quite capbable of functioning as a regular site. It's also a practical ecommerce solution for smaller etailors. 

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Dec 5 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    If my customers want to build blogs, I would use wordpress, no doubt about it. But if customers want to build websites, then I would go for Joomla.

  • Craig Allen's picture
    Dec 5 Posted 4 years ago Craig Allen

    Kent - I had a feeling I would hear from you...

    You've got me curious and I have installed Joomla on my server to compare. Will hopefully have a post about my findings.

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Dec 5 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    Hi Craig, I agree with the infographic but still wordpress has some limitation when compared to Joomla.

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