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New to LinkedIn? Where to Invite and Manage Recommendations

While talking about LinkedIn Recommendations yesterday with a small group of new business owners I discovered that they were unable to easily find the Recommendation link on their profile.

It was visible on my profile but not on theirs. I finally realized that with LinkedIn’s June 9 change to the Top Navigation, the link to add or manage Recommendations had been moved to a much less prominent location under Privacy & Settings.

While having Endorsements on our LinkedIn profile may be nice to see, the real value of them is questionable. After all, it’s not unusual to have someone endorse you who has no real way of knowing if the skill they’re endorsing you for is actually a skill you possess.

Most of us with a LinkedIn profile have received such endorsements and wondered at them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have people add their endorsement of my skills to my profile. But, in the overall scheme of things, I’d much rather have a Recommendation with some meat on it to add to my profile!

If you already have recommendations on your profile you likely won’t notice the difference because for you the information is still readily available on your profile.

But for those new to LinkedIn or wanting to invite a recommendation you have to do a bit of digging to find it. The image below will help walk you through the process.

For details of the all the changes made to LinkedIn’s Top Navigation on June 9 click here.

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  • Jul 14 Posted 3 years ago Gary Ellenbogen

    We want to inform you about a new ‘feature’ that was implemented by LinkedIn near the beginning of 2013. They did not announce this new procedure to group owners or to LinkedIn membership at large. If you are blocked or blocked and deleted by any group manager/owner, you are placed in Site-Wide Automatic Moderation (SWAM) in the rest of your groups. That means that each of your posts will be pended until someone in the group’s management team approves it. This can take days or weeks, depending on how involved the managers are, or, it may not happen at all.

    This has created problems for people. It may result in a loss of revenue or leads for those using LinkedIn to conduct business, and difficulty maintaining connections. Participation in discussions in a timely manner becomes an impossible task. There is no way to reverse the procedure, and if you contact LinkedIn Customer Service, you will be told to contact each group’s owner/managers and request that they remove you from moderation. They also do not inform you which group blocked you. Many group owners still don’t know about SWAM, and people continue to have great difficulty getting themselves removed from moderation in all/most of their groups. Being SWAM’d, as it is called, will not cause you to be placed in moderation in any groups you join after you have been SWAM’d. We think members of the site should be made aware of this issue.

    In my groups we generally use the remove feature rather than the block feature for members, unless someone has really pushed the boundaries.

    Individuals who have been SWAM'd and wish to join a peer support group that is working on eliminating SWAM might want to check out
    SWAM (Site Wide Auto Moderation) Support - A SPAM Free Group       

  • Jul 3 Posted 3 years ago manikapd

    thanks about your valuable linkedln infomation.

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