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New Tweet Delivery by Country Capability a Must-Have for Social Teams with International Audiences

Over the last three years, growth among international Twitter users has exploded.  With non-U.S. audiences on the social network growing 745%, from 20 million to 169 million, brands have more opportunities to build meaningful relationships with their audiences around the world. And yet, Twitter’s rapidly expanding audience can make it tricky to be sure you’re attracting and engaging the right Followers.

Today we announced the ability to deliver tweets by country directly from Spredfast – a first in the Social Relationship Platform (SRP) market.  Now, social teams can target organic tweets in different languages and publish regionally relevant content to create better experiences for their local audiences.

With this addition, Spredfast provides the most comprehensive targeting available from an SRP platform.  Now you can segment diverse audiences across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ and deliver tailored content by audience demographic, location, and industry.  This gives you the power to create experiences that bolster affinity and build lasting relationships with your brand.

It’s all in the execution

Because the social networks promote different types of interactions, a segmented engagement strategy will look different on each social network.  Let’s take a look at what this means for social teams engaging through Spredfast:


Spredfast Twitter TargetingTwitter: The ability to target organic tweets by country opens up a world of possibilities for brands.  This new capability lets you engage in local conversations around the world, from a single Twitter handle.

For example, if a global consumer products company wants to inform their European audience about an upcoming promotion, they can target a tweet to participating countries.  The targeted tweet will only appear in Followers’ Timelines if Twitter determines they are in one of the targeted countries.  Additionally, the targeted tweet will not appear in the brands’ native Twitter timeline, unless the account itself is located in one of the targeted countries.


Spredfast Facebook TargetingFacebook: To engage the audiences you want to reach, Spredfast gives you two options to target Facebook Posts, Promoted Posts and Unpublished Page Posts:

    • Enhanced Targeting: Lets you target users based on attributes like Age, Gender, Education, Relationship Status, and Workplace.
    • Gated Targeting:  Allows you to target posts by users’ stated language and location.

To make the process of Facebook Targeting easier, Spredfast gives users the ability to save targeting profiles.  This means a clothing retailer that sells menswear can create and save separate segments – like male college graduates in New York and Florida.  This allows the brand to quickly publish seasonally relevant content to these saved groups, assess how each audience is engaging, and determine which content resonates best with each group.


Spredfast LinkedIn TargetingLinkedIn: With 225 million members in over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. To help ensure your content reaches the right members, Spredfast lets you target and engage users based on professional characteristics, including company size, industry, job function, seniority, and geography.  So a high tech company can market a product launch to people at companies with over 5,000 employees in the financial services industry.  They can also publish a recruiting update targeted to Director-level Project Managers that live in New York City or Hong Kong.  Whatever the scenario, targeting can help brands conduct business with the right people on LinkedIn.


Spredfast Google+ Targeting

Google+:  Circles give brands the ability to segment interactions across the social network.  Once Circles have been determined, Spredfast allows users to deliver content to one or more of them.  A B2B company on Google+ may create separate circles for Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and customers.  This allows the brand to tailor product promotions to the appropriate group, and reserve product updates for customers.


The Time Is Now

For some time now, social networks have urged teams to think like content matchmakers. The average social user is flooded by an onslaught of posts, tweets, and updates every day, so the need to pair the right content with the right Fan or Follower has never been so great. Spredfast targeting gives you the ability to be as smart as possible with your content and publishing strategy. By combining rich data with audience preferences and engagement trends, teams can create great experiences and build lasting relationships with each of their audience segments over time.

The targeting and delivery capabilities described above are available to all Spredfast customers.  For more information, please contact us at

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