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A New Twist in Facebook’s Graph Search Tale

ImageLots of people have been waiting for what’s next in Facebook?  Here it is. Facebook- the popular social network announced its new advanced GRAPH SEARCH yesterday. This expanded graph search beta is a new way to find people, places, photos and interests on Facebook. Quite amazing news for all its users! But how will the users be aware of this change?  Everyone in Facebook will notice a reminder on their Home page regarding how to control this new change and what they share and with whom.

When Facebook first unveiled Graph search in January, it offers its users to connect on the site for information about their friends and their likes, where they have been and many more to add. However, with this new launch of Graph search, Facebook says- ‘this is just the beginning’. Not only has the company enhanced search results, so that the majority of the relevant answers is given priority, but they are currently working on making the features more advanced and easier for people to search and discover new topics including new comments and posts.

What is its speciality?

Well, the new Graph search can get as specific as “friends with whom I went to University” or “Indian restaurant in New York that my friends like”. However, with this twist in the features of Graph search, there are a few new features integrated and announced. Take a look at them.



In a nutshell, Graph search is designed to be more effective than the Facebook search and insightfully redefine how the company can target advertisements and increase profit.

Max Wolff, the senior analyst and chief economist at Greencrest Capital says “Graph search makes it possible for Facebook to produce an ad category that’s unique to Facebook”. He also added ‘that more or less makes good on the ad pitch from Facebook, which is that it allows advertisers to have a targeted entry into social interaction”.

What are the practical opportunities?

For instance, your search is “I am planning for a road trip to Las Vegas” and search for a few “popular restaurants in Las Vegas, casinos liked by my friends”. The search will provide you a few places worth looking into and will also enable you to cross-reference searches in several interesting ways.

Supposedly, you search for “I want to go to a restaurant where I will run into some casino fans. So “popular restaurants in Las Vegas, casinos like by the people” results in some promising contestants.

Another instance for example, as you begins searching for “friends in New York who like swimming”; a list of pages, photos, friends, and apps will appear below the search bar. You can then select the most appropriate option and hit enter.

Undoubtedly, this is a brand new way to filter, categorize and cross reference information. And the best part is that it allows you to discover connections that are not always apparent.

What about its privacy repercussions?

As already said, Facebook has alarmed all its users about how they can control what they have shared and with whom they have shared. So there is nothing to worry about your online privacy settings. Your information is visible and searchable to those whom you have shared it with initially. This advanced tool allows your information to be resurfaced by those you have shared it with. For instance, if you have kept your status as public, anyone can search your information. However, if you keep your status as Facebook friends, then only your friends will be able to search for the required information.

When the users start using this new tool they will get a pop up as an alert over the privacy tools area in the upper right hand side of the Facebook page. However, it is recommended by Facebook that users must review the past content that have shared earlier as well as check the audience for each post. This can be reviewed via one’s ‘activity log’. But perhaps the best way to protect one’s privacy is by not putting anything on the internet that you do not want to share with strangers.

Well, this is not the only good news for all of you- Facebook claims that they are also working hard to get the mobile version of Graph search available soon.

Facebook is turning searches into an extremely valuable and relevant experience for its users- Google needs to worry a lot.

image: graph search/shutterstock

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