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New Twitter Cards Announced: App, Product, Gallery, and Deep-Linking in Mobile

Tonight at an event strictly for developers in San Francisco, Twitter announced an expansion of the preexisting Twitter Cards to include three new types of Cards: App, Product, and Gallery, as well as a new feature for mobile apps: Deep-linking.

ImageA blog post by Head of Platform Jason Costa describes mobile app deep-linking as "A new feature that closes the loop between content creation, content discovery and app downloads." In this new feature, users will either be given the option to view content from a tweet in the relevant app (specified by publisher), or be provided with a link to download the app. 

As far as the new cards go: App will offer publishers the ability to display selected information from their Google Play or App Store entries. Product gives tweets an image and a description as well as custom fields, and Gallery will be for tweets containing more than one picture. 

Costa said that currently over 10,000 developers use Twitter Cards in their original formats: summary, photo, and player/video. He also said, "The new Cards system lays a foundation that will make it easier for us to develop more types of Cards in the future and allow for greater customization by publishers and developers."

Do you already use Twitter Cards? Will this update give you more opportunities to share content? Let us know in the comments. 

Image credit: Twitter

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  • Oct 2 Posted 3 years ago MrTomasuolo

    Product cards are especially useful for e-commerce stores. Up until now, conversion on Twitter was quite low when trying to promote a product, either by stores' own accounts on when third party users tweeted them. With cards conversion is rising, and in stores that have applied them, conversion levels are getting higher, rendering Twitter a productive shopper acquisition channel.

    A while ago I wrote a brief guide explaing step by step how E-commerce stores can implement Twitter cards for their products. You may check it out here:

  • Faaastcash's picture
    Apr 6 Posted 3 years ago Faaastcash

    Thanks for the information. I haven't tried it yet, but will definetely try and update about this app.

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