Next Week You May Not Have As Much Klout As You Thought

Posted on October 22nd 2011

New Klout accuracy measures may mean you're not as influential as you thought you were...

In a post on the Klout corporate blog yesterday, founder and CEO of Klout, Joe Fernandez, announced a new algorithm for Klout will be released next week: "I am incredibly proud of the work the team has done and I am excited to announce the biggest improvement to the Klout Score in our history is launching next week."

He went over 4 main criteria: Amplification, Network Impact, Accuracy and Transparency and Ability to Drive Action

The overwhelming tone of the post was that you aren't influential because you're talk a lot, you're influential who you talk TO (and who replies). An example cited was if someone rarely likes or comments on anyone’s posts, but chooses to do so to yours, that is more meaningful than if they like 60 posts a day. Joe elaborated further:

"The core premise behind our algorithms has always been that influence is the ability to drive action. We have tightened this concept even further in this release. You are not more influential because you tweet or use Facebook more, you are influential because you have an influential audience engaging with your content."

Will You Be Less Influential Than You Are This Week?

Joe says that once the update goes live, it's possible. Some of the scores at the Klout HQ will drop (including his own!) . But he maintains that their goal is accuracy above all else: 

"We believe our users will be pleased with the improvements we’ve made."

Time will tell. We all remember the mayhem when people experienced the Kloutapocalypse. One thing is for sure, us Klout addicts are protective of our score!

What Do You Think?

I find it to be a useful tool as an indication of influence and as a valuable filter in all the social media clutter, and more accuracy can only be better in my mind, but what do you think? Are you ready to embrace the tightening of the standards for influence? How has influence score effected you in the real world? I'd love to hear any stories where having a high Klout score has helped in something measurable - a job, a promotion, a client?

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Oh no! My Klout Score dropped! I must not be influential!

No. No. No.

I surely hope you don't take Klout so seriously that you see a person with a 58 as a universal statement of being "more influential" than someone with a 53. I think Klout is interesting, but let's have some perspective on true influence here. It's interesting, I like looking at my score but I also know it's flawed. Klout says they aren't perfect, which is evident. I understand tweeks and the new transparency, but what does it say when people see their scores drop 10, 15 points or more? It says to me that what Klout was before was far from perfect. Perhaps it's better now, but tweeks should not equal wild swings that cause people to question whether the tool is valid. That's something Klout has to answer to for some time to come.

And frankly, I don't think anyone will or won't hire me based on my Klout Score. It's a nice guideline worth monitoring but please, let's not give it the kind of weight that suggests someone is more or less influential in comparison to others based on it. 

How about a 19 point drop? Give me a break. How about "We don't know if your scores were accurate before, accurate now, or will ever be accurate."



My score dropped. On the other hand my nephew (not a member of Klout) who is a teenager and only use Facebook and talk on Skype with friends when they play computer games suddenly showed up


How can a teenager just using Facebook to communicate with other teenagers have higher score than someone with a popular blog who is active on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook?