Niche Markets Sure to Explode in 2013

Anil Valvi Founder, Dynastic Tech

Posted on January 23rd 2013

Niche Markets Sure to Explode in 2013

Niche market research is not exactly rocket science, but trying to find the next hottest thing can still be tricky. Although the latest trends are fairly easy to find on sites such as Google Trends or Yahoo Buzz, the trends found are often quick, overnight hot buttons. They are not the types of trends that are good to build an online money making campaign around. The best niche markets are those that are start general and then you drill down. Here are some great general niche markets for 2013 to get you started.

Green Energy – Have you noticed that everyone wants hybrid cars these days? The reason is because the world is finally starting to understand that the world is working with limited natural resources. Green anything is going to be white hot in 2013 and will surely be a good niche to work with online. For example, The Enery Collective and more

Weight Loss – Finding a hot niche in the weight loss category is something that is tough to do simply because so many others are doing it as well. That does not mean you should run away from it. It simply means you need to work harder to find the right sub-niche for you. It is there to be had, so grab that the Google Keyword Tool and dig in.

Pads and Phones – No secret here. This will be red hot once again in 2013 so go ahead and try to figure out a good angle to work your way in. The next smart phone or iPad would be a fine start.

Online Dating -Once again this is starting to heat up as the format is improving all the time. If you want to make some money, dig into some online dating sites and learn how to market them effectively. There are plenty of them that need the promotion and are willing to pay for it.

Online Education – It is becoming very common for kids to go to school online and adults have always liked the idea. If you capitalize on this hot trend, you can make money from many different angles. The best websites will pay you to send them customers in a variety of ways.

Healthy Eating – The idea of eating to stay healthy is very popular these days and it is showing no signs of slowing down. All websites and campaigns that focus on this area will make plenty of cash in the coming year.


Anil Valvi

Founder, Dynastic Tech

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Same goes to social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are now still general social networking sites. In future, we need more specific theme social networking sites.

Thanks Anil. It is so hard deciding which niches to exploit.