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Nintendo's E3 Results, Illustrated by Twitter

We are a week removed from E3 and to say that the most notable digital event in the world still has people talking would be an understatement. Perhaps the most sociable fans were those of "the Big Three" in the video game industry: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. While each of these companies had their own announcements to make, they had their own impacts on the social front. Which of these companies managed to have fans chatting the most on social media platforms, Twitter in particular?

Just turn your head in the direction of the familiar red hat and moustache.

According to an article on Crave Online, it was Nintendo that not only had a strong social media presence but boasted the majority of the tweets sent out by fans during E3. Analytics agency Crimson Hexagon stated that around 47% of all E3-related tweets made mention of Nintendo in some way or another. This percentage of tweets had the #Nintendo hashtag attached, which only helped to drive conversation towards the company in question. With Sony and Microsoft taking approximately 28% and 25%, respectively, of the other tweets, it goes without saying that a positive light was cast on Nintendo. It couldn't have come at a better time.

As a gamer, and a Nintendo fan in a particular, it's been a challenge to see the Wii U almost cast out of the "console war" that Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's XBox One has been engaged in. One can make the argument that Nintendo is more of its own entity, which is fair to say, but it's still a video game company seeking real estate against other companies. There's only so much space that every home has and any Internet marketing firm can say the same. Between the early lackluster sales tied to the Wii U brand and the slow pace of software, the question has to be asked, "What changed people's perspectives?"

The simple answer would be, "Nintendo's E3 approach." Specifically, Nintendo opted out of a traditional press conference this year along the lines of Microsoft and Sony. What took its place was the Nintendo Digital Event, which featured not only upcoming software but charm in an almost 47-minute video package. Nintendo took cues from "Robot Chicken," utilizing stop motion and comedy in order to put on its own digital press conference of sorts. With self-deprecating humor and quirkiness alike, the Nintendo Digital Event was unlike the more corporate-like events of both Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo opted out of playing follow the leader, which can only be described as a risk that paid off in spades.

Hot off of the heels of both Nintendo's aforementioned social media activity and its litany of video game announcements, it's difficult to see where Nintendo will go from here. Regardless of many individuals in the gaming press declaring that Nintendo "won" E3, the follow-up is just as important as the initial swing. No one is going to simply forget about Nintendo, given its place in the video game - as well as social media - industry. However, software is what drives sales in this line of work. It doesn't seem like momentum will be a problem, though, if announcements like a new "Legend of Zelda" title in 2015 are any indication.

With Nintendo taking claim of roughly 47% of all E3-related tweets this year, one has to wonder if this percentage will be higher come E3 next year.

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