Not Everyone in the World Cares About the Super Bowl

Yair Scher
Yair Scher Marketing Director, Evento

Posted on February 3rd 2013

Not Everyone in the World Cares About the Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl time and everybody is hyped and feeding the hype of America's biggest sports event. Yes, America's biggest sports event – not the world's.

Outside the US (and Canada) football is almost a non-existent sport. It is true that the Super Bowl receives worldwide coverage but that is mainly due to the half time show and the commercial spots. So I'm sorry to tell all the football fans – in absolute terms of following the Super Bowl will always trail way behind the "real" football – soccer.

Lets look at the facebook following of the 49ners (1.68M) and the Ravens (1.3M). Have you heard of a soccer team from Turkey called Galatasary? They have 7.8M followers. How about Bayern Munich (5.9M) or Arsenal (12M)?

Below is a chart comparing the total following (in millions) of 32 NFL teams in comparison to the 16 teams to reach the European Champions League knock out stage. (The table does not include giants like Chelsea (15M), Liverpool (11M) who didn't go through to the play offs, or any club from South America:

 NFL  UEFA Champions League
1Dallas Cowboys5.3 1Barcelona39
2Pittsburgh Steelers4.8 2Real Madrid35
3New England Patriots3.975 3Manchster United31
4Green Bay Packers3.4 4AC Milan13
5New Orleans Saints2.9 5Arsenal12
6New York Giants2.6 6Galatasaray 7.8
7Chicago Bears2.6 7Bayern München5.9
8Philadelphia Eagles2 8Juventus4.7
9The Oakland Raiders1.8 9Borussia Dortmund1.9
10San Francisco 49ers1.68 10Paris Saint-Germain1.9
11Indianapolis Colts1.6 11Porto1
12New York Jets1.495 12Schalke 040.64
13Denver Broncos1.495 13Malaga0.38
14Minnesota Vikings1.4 14Valencia0.29
15Baltimore Ravens1.3 15Celtic0.213
16Miami Dolphins1.3 16Shakhtar Donetsk0.08
17San Diego Chargers1.2    
18Washington Redskins1    
19Atlanta Falcons0.98    
20Seattle Seahawks0.84    
21Houston Texans0.83    
22Detroit Lions0.83    
23Kansas City Chiefs0.655    
24Cincinnati Bengals0.63    
25Cleveland Browns0.62    
26Carolina Panthers0.559    
27Arizona Cardinals0.53    
28Tampa Bay Buccaneers0.53    
29Tennessee Titans0.52    
30Buffalo Bills0.426    
31St. Louis Rams0.4    
32Jacksonville Jaguars0.3    
 TOTAL50.5  TOTAL154.8


Yair Scher

Yair Scher

Marketing Director, Evento

Yair was born in Canada but has lived for most of his life in Israel and UK.

As a History student he founded Israel's biggest grassroots soccer website ( and later worked for 4 years for Europe's biggest Sports Marketing Agency - SPORTFIVE.

Now Yair is working as Marketing director for a social ticketing start-up company -

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