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Online GOTV Resources: Time to Get Out The Vote

Hard to believe, but election day is less than a week away, and across the country, campaigns and outside groups are running a full-on GOTV blitz. Let’s give ‘em some help — below is a short list of useful online resources for getting out the vote, from templates for field canvassing plans to mobile apps for voter protection. You can’t use the internet to bus people to the polls, but you CAN use digital tools to get people to the bus on time.

BTW, the e.politics email inbox is burdened these days with vendors hawking robocalls, text messages and other last-minute money-sinks; do any of these actually work? I’m also going to be curious to see the results of late-cycle, tightly targeted online ads for persuasion and GOTV, which are running here and there. Hopefully we’ll get some good case studies after the election — I’m happy to run ‘em here.

Got more? Leave them as comments below and I’ll them to the list.


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