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Online Video's Role in Mobile Marketing

video content on mobileIn addition to understanding the importance of video content on the web, there is a priority now being placed on video content that is optimized for mobile users.  

  • Mobile Internet viewing continues to soar and, as reported by MediaPost accounting for 19%, up from 11% a year ago, of all Internet traffic and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 81%, driven largely by online video production.
  • Nearly 24 million US consumers with a smartphone watch video content on their mobile device each month, and it is estimated that by 2016, that figure will skyrocket to over 110 million (according to eMarketer’s report).

This data shows that more and more consumers are only utilizing their smart phones to access the web, foregoing the “dated” use of laptops and personal computers. With these astounding figures, it is difficult to ignore the power of video content as it relates specifically to mobile users. But how is video optimized through mobile devices and what does this mean for businesses?

Online video is perfect for the mobile user

Even if your web site is beautifully put together with text descriptions and information about the company, this may not translate well on a smartphone given the smaller screen. There is an inherent issue with web sites viewed on a mobile device, as text can be distorted, truncated, or simply too poorly formatted to read on a screen that is not much bigger than the palm of someone’s hand. Video content, however, is organically optimized for the mobile experience, as it is automatically sized to fit a mobile device screens. Because more and more users are utilizing their smartphones as the only vehicle by which they access the Internet, it is incredibly important for businesses to adopt video content in order to effectively reach and engage consumers quickly.

Visual Engagement

Although text descriptions of products and services can be helpful in the consumer decision making process, there is a limitation as to how much information can be effectively shared through this medium. In visiting a webpage, being greeted with a wall of text can deter consumers from clicking through to any additional informative pages your company may have spent months to put together, especially if that information is difficult to read on a mobile device.  Video content solves this challenging issue by providing a company the opportunity to share the same information in a way that naturally creates more of a personal connection. According to Insivia, one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words, and adding a face and voice to your company’s message drastically increases the chance that a consumer will spend more time on your site getting to know what is being offered.

The majority of business owners and marketers know by now that promotional educational and marketing video communications are critically important in achieving marketing and sales goals, no matter the size of the company or the demographic of the audience. Marketing with video production allows for the relay of information in a quick and engaging way, and, if done well, can create more effective and lasting relationships with the consumer the company is attempting to reach. In fact, according to Insivia, 90% of users state that watching an online product video is helpful in the decision to buy. Consumers are more likely to take 60 seconds of their time to watch a marketing video advertisement as opposed to spending triple or quadruple that time reading a text heavy web site.

It is clear that website video content is pertinent to success in marketing a company’s products and services to drive awareness and convert customers. As more and more consumers are replacing laptops and personal computers with a smartphones and tablets, it is even more pressing that companies integrate video content to ensure potential customers are able to get the information necessary to make a buying decision on these devices. Optimizing mobile content relies heavily on online video content marketing, and any company seeking to engage with customers on a more powerful level must embrace this wave of change.

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