Optimise Yourself: Job Recruitment Goes Online

Mark Davies
Mark Davies Head of Marketing, People Source Consulting

Posted on February 21st 2012

Optimise Yourself: Job Recruitment Goes Online

Over the last few years there has been a gradual decline in the use of traditional recruitment methods. Recruiters are spending less and less time on the phones and more and more on social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook.

Because there is so much talent online now, if you’re not optimised you’ll be left behind.

There are so many online tools now that assist the recruiter in locating the right candidate for a new role. These tools are very good at identifying candidates who are ‘Active’ (looking for a new role), ‘Passive’ (not looking but could be easily persuaded for the right role) and ‘Dormant’ (these people aren’t looking but may consider something in the future).

With recruiters now targeting all types of people, if you’re actively looking but your social media presence doesn’t reflect you’re ‘active’ status, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll be headhunted for that perfect role.

Tips to ensure that a recruiter finds you:
1. Use Twitter. Describe yourself as and be seen as an expert in your field (virtual respect in a field is still respect)
2. Use keywords. Quite simply, recruiters are in essence human search engines, they are constantly searching for key skills and keywords relating to those skills (e.g. ‘agile project manager in London ’ 
3. Get recommendations. Recommendations add credibility to your online resume and will help with searches made against your skills.
4.  Create a Group. Creating a group on LinkedIn or even Facebook sets you up as a ‘thought leader’ in your sector.  As the group leader you’ll be seen as an expert.
5. Upload your CV/Resume. Remove your home address first but get yourself out there, share your CV and market yourself whenever you can.
6. Connect with Recruiters. Remember recruiters are looking for good people like you. Connect with them and follow them, this way you’ll be able to see all of their updates and perhaps your next fantastic job.
7. Use Search. In the same way as recruiters are searching for great candidates, you can use social media search tools to find a vacancy (e.g. searching for ‘job agile project manager London ’  in ‘updates’ on LinkedIn)
8. Upload a photograph. I’ve noticed when observing recruiters that they are much more likely to contact candidates who have a photograph (they like to see who they’re talking to)
9. Integrate your approach. Connect your LinkedIn profile to your Twitter account and your Twitter to LinkedIn etc, recruiters are short of time and if they reach a dead-end in their search they could move on to the next potential candidate
10. Tidy up your online presence. You have a footprint throughout the internet, make sure that you’re ok with a recruiter seeing everything that you have in the public domain! 

Mark Davies

Mark Davies

Head of Marketing, People Source Consulting

Head of Marketing for People Source Consulting
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Posted on February 21st 2012 at 2:29PM

There are a few good Twitter chats for job seekers and many more chats to help build your reputation.  Most of the people I have met on chats are willing to help others.  If you are looking for work join #HFchat or #JobHuntChat.

Steve Severn
Posted on January 24th 2013 at 10:15PM

Sometimes you have to be a little more agressive in your job search. Here is my case study of how to use Social media to help land your job. Guerrilla Marketing: The Facebook Job Experiment



Steve Severn

Posted on February 21st 2012 at 5:42PM

Very timely post for me as I'm speaking to a group of law school students this afternoon.  The topic is how to use LinkedIn strategies in your job search. I'll be sure to incorporate some of your tips and I'll encourage them to read this post.  Good advice!  Thank you.

Helping You Hire
Posted on March 12th 2012 at 6:31PM

There are great tips for job seekers, Mark. As a Staffing Solutions expert, I can tell you that we readily utilize social media sites for sourcing. We still utilize job boards as well, to make sure we are getting a broad range of candidates, but Social Media is definitely a great additional tool for recruiters. (it also doesn't hurt that sourcing through social media gives you a peek into their "Social Media Persona", which can tell you a lot about the candidate's attitude.) http://www.staffing-solutions.biz/executive-recruiters.html