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Oreo 101: 4 Cookie-Cutter Strategies to Social Media Stardom

oreo's social mediaOreo, you sweet, delicious, daring little cookie. You bravely tested creative waters in social media – turning a Super Bowl blackout into a brilliant, viral social media win, getting crazy with hashtags like #DunkSwag, #OreoSnackHacks and #OreoFortunes and your ingenious use of video to show how Oreo cookies simply make life better.

Your Instagram is loaded with images likening Oreos to fine cuisine, art and seasonal glee. Your scores of recipes captivating the masses in tens of thousands of tweets and retweets – who ever dreamed one cookie could wear so many luscious, sugary hats.

You have nearly 400,000 followers on Twitter and 36 million on Facebook. Maybe you don’t need milk to be famous! In fact, you are trending so hot, people are going to start asking: Got Oreo?

Little did you know, precious Oreo, that your social calls to action and talent for inserting classic cookie joy into social media moments would catapult you to a level of social media professor – Ivy League, at that. You have taught us so much about having fun with social media, being spontaneously wondrous and making it all look so effortless, so accidental – even uncalculated.

Oh, but it is all calculated, Oreo, every bit of it – and we’re learning by reviewing your appetizing, delectable, double stuffed social media syllabus.  

  1. Be The Moment: Tweeting “You can still dunk in the dark” when the lights went out during the 2013 Super Bowl was the epitome of clever. You were in the moment – quick, witty and present. You saw an opportunity to engage your social media following and fast recruit more loyal dunkers. Your tweet was perfect – visual, short and sweet. You designed it fast. Approved it faster. You did not hesitate to make the most of something that had nothing to do with you and turn it into something that had everything to do with you. You calculating cookie!

  2. Be Visual: You captured more than 4,600 followers on Pinterest for your Daily Twist campaign, showing Oreos with messages that made one laugh, tear, ponder and, more important, share. Your Daily Twist campaign was described as 100 days of pop culture transformed into sharable Oreography. Your branding was everywhere – every unique and creatively blended image a reflection of everything Oreo – and the world. Sure, you were celebrating your Big 100 birthday at the time and the campaign played on your luscious twist, lick and dunk persona, but you took it up a notch, creating a canvas on which Oreo artwork commanded appreciation, even respect. The content created during this campaign was applauded – and you even scored nearly 450 million Facebook views with it.

  3. Be The Cookie: Oreo, you are a cookie. A cookie limited only by your own imagination. On Twitter, you tell us to trust you to always put a spin on things, #Ollusions – which is exactly what you do. You are the cookie. You are the brand. You are the message. You are at the center of every post and share. It is always you, Oreo, the cookie with a million faces. Genius! You remind us over and over again that it is all about you. You are a personal branding superstar. You realize that anything but an Oreo post is just futile – so you dunk yourself your social platforms until every part of you is absorbed by the masses. You always keep your brand front and center – and always remind us of how awesome you are, crumbs and all.

  4. Be The Fun: You have YouTube videos with 700,000 plus views. Why? Simple, you bring the fun. You take yourself seriously, and not seriously, and wonderfully ridiculously. You know you are a cookie…just a cookie. That doesn’t stop you from being the director of your destiny. You power videos with songs, snacks and smiles. Your Wonderfilled Oreo sounds are nothing short of sheer entertainment. Even your Twitter is loaded with fun – hashtags that celebrate the here and the now and, of course, the cookie. You never stop thinking of something unique and you are never limited by the fact that you are merely a cookie. A very creative cookie in a social media world that is happy to be your giant glass of ice cold milk.


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