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Oreo Won the Advertising Super Bowl With a Single Tweet

Even before a power outage halted Super Bowl XLVII, it’s likely that many CMOs were pacing nervously as a seemingly runaway Baltimore Ravens victory threatened to undercut their second half television ad spends. While Twitter mostly devolved into snarky punditry and fake accounts for inanimate stadium features during the blackout, one savvy brand cut through the chatter with a simple, clever tweet and won the evening.

Oreo Tweet

Image courtesy of Oreo

By the time the lights came back on in New Orleans, Oreo had racked up over 10,000 RTs, thousands of "favorites" and overwhelmingly positive replies – all with a single tweeted image.

Replies to Oreo Tweets

The fact that the cost of an ad during Super Bowl XLVII is around $3.7 million makes this social media win all the sweeter, especially since many of those brands who invested in :30 TV spots have been universally panned for crude humor and a lack of creativity.

Our hats go off to the social media team at Oreo!

oreo super bowl tweet victory

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  • Feb 28 Posted 4 years ago Arturo Guilbert

    Clever & right on the spot!


  • sashattuck's picture
    Feb 13 Posted 4 years ago sashattuck

    It seems like you have an ax to grind. The problem with your "numbers" is that they are complete speculation. Do you have access to Oreo's analytics or social media CRM?

    The Oreo tweet clearly generated the most positive brand sentiment out of any Super Bowl ad (online or TV). If you really think the TV ad was more impactful because it had more views, how come there are so many blog posts about the tweet and not the commercial? :)

  • Feb 13 Posted 4 years ago mritson

    I hate to be so negative but Oreo really didnt win anything with a Tweet.


    In fact the best they could have achieved according to my numbers was about 150,000 views of their ad.


    Compare that with the 40 million people who watched the TV ads and your whole post is kind of nonsense.


    Anyway here are my numbers - if I have made a mistake let me know:

  • Feb 9 Posted 4 years ago sph001

    i had to applaud the audi tweet asking if the Mercedes Super Dome needed any of their LED lights.  Nice shot across the front hood...   

  • kenfehner's picture
    Feb 9 Posted 4 years ago kenfehner

    Me likey Oreo!!! 

    Good job. Someone deseves a raise!

  • sashattuck's picture
    Feb 7 Posted 4 years ago sashattuck

    Hey Anne, Audi had a pretty good one too:

    I thought it was pretty forward-thinking of Oreo's agency to put that team into place for the sole reason of waiting for a "newsjacking" opportunity and then acting on it quickly. I read that a representative from Oreo was on-call waiting to give approval on anything the agency wanted to move forward with - that's how they were able to tweet so quickly.

  • Feb 7 Posted 4 years ago AnneEarly

    Definitely a win, but not an isolated occurrence. Others quickly took advantage as well (APHA being one of them: It's less of a win when you consider Oreo had an entire team of PR people standing by waiting for such an opportunity.

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