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Paid Social Media is No Longer an Option: Here's Your Twitter Advertising Info to Get You Started

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How does your business use Twitter Advertising to gain more followers, promote an event, drive more traffic to your website, sell more products/services or grow its email marketing list?  Well, we’re glad you asked.  Our latest social media marketing blog post will get your business started with Twitter ads and offer a few tips to ensure you see a successful ROI.

Trending Topic

Is social media advertising a necessity for businesses using Twitter, Facebook for business, Google+ and other social networks?  As the writer from Practical Ecommerce wrote when discussing the trend towards paid social media, “The big story is that, in 2014, effective social media engagement is no longer free. To guarantee visibility and reach, you’re going to have to pay to play.”  We want to give you a chance to get ahead of this trend by helping you understand and move forward with Twitter advertising.

Finding Followers

Want to grow your list of Twitter followers by reaching users who are actually interested in your business?  Promoted Accounts is the Twitter ad tool you will want to use.  Using this social media advertising option, your business can target potential followers by interest, geography and gender while also targeting users who resemble your present list of Twitter followers.

Trending Topic

Are you familiar with Twitter Trends?  If so, then you know that the list of trending topics is prime real estate on both desktop and mobile Twitter feeds.  By using this Promoted Trend selection, your business can use targeting options and secure a spot at the top of the Trends list for an entire day.  This is a great choice for creating buzz around a new product/service or event.

Loud and Clear

Does your business have something to share and you want to ensure that it reaches a wider audience of Twitter followers and potential followers?  Use Promoted Tweets to amplify your message and ensure more users of the social network see that message.  Twitter’s Promoted Tweets allow you to target your tweets by device, interests, gender, geography and by similarity to your existing followers.


How you ensure that your promoted Twitter ads grab the attention of the social network’s users and entice those users to click, follow or perform the action you wish them to perform?  Start with a strong call to action in your Twitter advertising content.  Here’s a nice review of effective Twitter calls to action to get you started.

From the Source

Need more Twitter advertising advice and tips for using Twitter Promoted products?  Go straight to the source!  According to the social network, you can follow @TwitterAdTips and your business will “receive Direct Messages with personalised tips to improve your Twitter ads account performance.”

Are you using social media advertising successfully in your social marketing strategy?  Please share your tips in the comments below.

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  • Feb 25 Posted 1 year ago lisa thurmond

    Im trying to understand the social media marketing. I've reed alot of stuff .but everyone is saying the same thing there is money to be made in this new business

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