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Past, Present and the Future Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

No marketing technique truly dies. It just gets subsumed into a longer toolkit. But as we head into the reflective mood of the holidays and New Year, it's worth looking back at how old tactics connect with the marketing methods we use today - and how they might lead to the techniques of the future. This infographic The Ghosts of Marketing from kapost that takes a closer look at the past, present and the future marketing.
The Ghosts of Marketing Past, Present & Future [Infographic]

The Ghosts of Marketing Past, Present & Future [Infographic]

Key takeaways
Cold calling isn't dead, but its effectiveness is certainly in question. In a recent study of cold calling, agents had to make 209 calls to get just one appointment or referral.

With the rise of mobile devices marketers have rushed to apps to build immersive experience. 92% of the top global brands have apps in the iTunes app store.

No more "set it and forget it". Marketers are using marketing automation to reach buyers based on fit and engagement. 81% of B2B marketers expect to have adopted marketing automation in 2014.

From waiting by the phone, to carrying the phone in your pocket, to having the world's database body - wearable tech is the next frontier for marketers. With early adopters already singing the praises of Google Glass, Samsung hit the market with the first-to-market smart watch. 80K sold in just two months.

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  • Dec 26 Posted 1 year ago dialuz

    The past,present and future of marketing is depends on ideas of compancies to close to customers this is basic of marketing.Now aday  marketing is good,every one want to buy branded things one of the example is Samsung release smart watch 80k is sold in just two months.You can understand marketing is good in past,present and futere.Thank you

  • Dec 24 Posted 1 year ago shafiqul Islam

    An organization's marketing strategy that combines all of its marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. A good marketing stretegy should be drawn from market reserch and focus on the right product mix in order to achieve the maximum proft potential and sustain the business.

    A Business approach or philosophy that focuses on identifying and meaning the stated or hiden needs or wants of customers. Sustainablity of Marketing plan of which is the core values of Past, Present and Future projection.