Patience Is A Virtue – With Social Media It’s A Requirement

Posted on July 13th 2011

Patience Is A Virtue – With Social Media It’s A Requirement


Walking with social mediaFirst you will begin walking with social media - then you will run with it. I’ve been running with social media now for some time and I’m writing to warn you that while patience might be a virtue – with social media patience it’s a requirement.

492. That number represents the number of Facebook ”Likers” that my school has at the time of this post. While the purpose of our social media campaign has switched from increasing the number of followers or fans – to a greater level of engagement with our fans, I have to admit that I’m still frustrated with our low number of followers. I know that’s not our goal anymore, but I’m equally frustrated with the fact that we still haven’t achieved the level of engagement that I would like with our fans. We’ve experimented and continue to test and retest content and techniques to help drive engagement. We’re also on the verge of launching another set of tests which I’m very excited about and will share once I’ve drawn some conclusions with their success or failure. I really hope I can report back some successes though. 

As my frustration mounts though I’m drawn to some of my own advice from a post I wrote for entitled, “If You Build It, They Will Come…(Well, Not Exactly).” In that post I wrote, “Understand that you’re in this for the long haul and realize that this is a marathon and not a sprint.  Take comfort in knowing that people will find you but it will take time.” Let me tell, it was easier to write those words in August then swallow them now, but that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to be patient and keep a growth mindset (Thank you Carol S. Dweck!) The more time I spend using social media the more I realize how much I still have to learn and that’s one of the hidden reasons why I love social media so much.


Brendan J. Schneider

Brendan J. Schneider discusses social media, branding, and inbound marketing for schools at He is also the Director of Admission & Financial Aid at Sewickley Academy, a PK-12 Pittsburgh private school. Circle him on Google+.

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We need to patient in doing everything.

Since social media is about people, we can't force people to follow us, but we have to influence, and influencing need patience.

Anyway, great article! :)

Great point Kent and thanks for taking the time to comment!


The same can be said for SEO.  You aren't going to get results immediately.  It can be frustrating, but the most important thing is to stick with it and continue to create high quality content and links.  Results will come over time. 

Another great point Nick and thanks for pointing it out. Thanks for taking the time to comment.



Thank you for the great post. Patience is definitely key, and the most difficult part, I find. Good luck and keep on trucking!

Thank you for the post. As a social media newbie it is helpful to hear that people who have been in the industry face similar challenges.

Great article.  SMM can be very frustrating.  Spending 8 hours a day doing something and not seeing any results can drive someone crazy.  This article reminds us that not only is it important but it is absolutely neccessary to be patient when dealing with social media marketing.  Keeping efforts consistent will lead to change and numbers will build.  

Brendan your insight is wonderful and glad you are sharing it with others.  It really is about patience and staying focused.

I learned a long time ago it is not about the numbers, but the quality of contacts and connections that you make.  Facebook for my ebiz has not proven to be the best platform for building the type of connections I want to be making.  Instead, I am finding that Linkedin as literally exploded my ebiz within the last few months. 

And as we all continue to use social media for business purposes, it will continue to be a learning experience for us all.  But you are certainly on the right track.

Great article that I will be happy to share with my fans, followers and clients.  Make it a successful day!

Great point Lynn! One social media channel might work for someone and not someone else.

Thanks for taking the time to comment,


Very encouraging post Brendan. It helped me relax a little and showed me that other people are feeling the same way. Thank you.


Thanks for taking the time to comment and know that other people are feeling the same way you are!!