Is Pheed the Next Big Thing?

Laura Edwards Managing Director , Nitter Natter

Posted on October 19th 2012

Is Pheed the Next Big Thing?

A rise in popularity among celebrities has meant that new Social Media site Pheed has sprung up from nowhere to possibly be the next big thing.

Forbes calls the self-funded start-up, ‘Twitter with a business plan’, the idea of Pheed is to share content in all formats, including audio, video and photo. Influencers such as celebrities can then share content for free or share for a fee, therefore giving fans a more exclusive and higher quality piece of content.

Celebrities that have jumped aboard the Pheed train so far include, Miley Cyrus, B.O.B and Paris Hilton. The site has only been live for a couple of days but already gathered a huge celebrity following, though it is still to be seen how fans will react and whether they will be willing to pay for the exclusive content. The key to this site surviving is celebrity endorsement and impressive content to keep users coming back. Try it out.


Laura Edwards

Managing Director , Nitter Natter

Laura is Founder and Managing Director of creative agency Nitter Natter.

Previously Laura worked with brands like, Jockey Club Racecourses and Kimberly-Clark. 

Specilising in social media Nitter Natter produces converstion focused strategies and shareable content designed for thier client's target audience. 

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A new social networking site again? To evaluate if Pheed is going to be the next big thing, just evaluate from relationship perspective. I never used Pheed before but one question is enought to answer your question.

Is Pheed able to build close relationship and members get value from Pheed?

I completley agree Kent. I think users are also be more cautious with the time they're investing in new social networks. Putting your time and data onto every hot startup can leave them feeling disappointed when they don't take off, or worse shut down.