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Pinterest Appeals to Marketers and Content Creators with New Article Pins

If you are a blogger or marketer, Pinterest’ s new enhanced pin feature is something to get excited about. Before, Pinterest was believed to be the social network to use if you only had photographs, recipes and retail products to promote. Not anymore! With new enhanced “article” pins, Pinterest is now making an appeal to content creators and publishers.

In the past, Pinterest allowed users to add articles, but the pins would only include an image and link. Now, whenever an article is pinned, the critical information needed to help stories gain traction, such as a larger image, story headline, author name, description and source URL, are more prominently displayed. This distinct new look helps to capture the attention of potential readers while allowing the content shared to rise above the noise against other pins and receive the attention it deserves. 

Photo Courtesy of the Pinterest Blog.

Pinterest has slowly begun rolling out this new feature to users. Enhanced pins have already appeared on the profiles of major publishers such as The New Yorker and TIME Magazine. Pinterest has also stated that the enhanced pins will begin appearing on mobile platforms as well.

Now, whenever promoting original content on social media, remember to add Pinterest into the mix. Demonstrate thought leadership, both from a personal and business standpoint, by pinning the content you’ve created to a “must-read” board. With millions of users actively using the platform every day, adding Pinterest to your social media routine is an effective way to open the door to new readers and potential customers.

Also, remember that the new enhanced pins aren’t just for business and marketing purposes. Why not take advantage of them personally? No matter where you passion lies, Pinterest makes it easy to “pin now, read later”, letting you save all of the articles that pique your interest to one board. When searching for great reading material, make sure to check out what colleagues and influencers, such as Arianna Huffington and Dr. Oz, are reading and sharing on Pinterest.

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