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Pinterest Etiquette: 8 Rules to Follow When Pinning

To look professional on pinterest, you need to follow the written and unwritten rules. Many people are unaware of what you should and shouldn't do in terms of Pinterest etiquette. So in this article I will give you an outline of the major do's and dont's for your Pinterest page.

Credit the Pin Source

It is a complete ‘no no’ to delete another person’s source in the pin, and add your own. Also, don’t add text in the pin description that implies the pin is your own.

Check the Pin Source

When re-pinning someone else’s pin, check that it doesn’t lead to spam, by going to the source. You are endorsing the content by repinning onto your boards, so doesn't do much for your reputation.

Using Others Images

Do not download images from the web, and then upload as your own pin. It is extremely bad manners, is in effect stealing, and could get you into a lot of trouble!


Don’t just promote your own images. Pin images that you know your followers will like. It is good manners to pin and re-pin others content, obviously pinning images that you know your followers will like. This works in your favour, as people will then re-pin your content.

 Pin little and often

There is nothing worse than seeing your home-feed flooded with images from the same board, it can be very annoying for people, looks like spam, and if they get really pissed off, can unfollow you. Pin little and often throughout the day, which will also result in more people seeing your pins.

Add Descriptions to your Images

Often, when you go to pin an image, or re-pin, there is no pin description. The person re-pinning then has to add a description. Save them the hassle, and add a description when you are uploading the pin. This could also result in more re-pins.

Participate in conversations

When someone comments on one of your pins, reply! Ignoring people is rude. It also shows everyone that you are taking the time to be nice, and want to engage with people.

Say Thank you!

Pinterest is not known as a chatty platform, obviously it is all about the images, so do you respond when someone re-pins your images? It could also get very time consuming to thank everyone, if you have a lot of activity on your page.

But, there is no harm in being polite, and thanking people, it could also result in more re-pins. So, yes, say thanks, but be selective. There are a couple of great tools out there, that can cut down on the time spent finding people who re-pin a lot of your content. Tailwind is a great tool for finding your top re-pinners.  To find people that are pinning directly from your website, you can use Pin Alerts.

I do hope that these tips have been helpful. If you can think of any more pinterest etiquette rules, or have any questions, just add a comment below.

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