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Is Pinterest Right for Your Brand?

ImageAs a digital PR pro, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest – and many companies underestimate how powerful it is. Even digital agencies and digital PR pros! It has an ability to showcase your brand and message that can be extraordinarily powerful.

With over 70 million users, 2.5 billion page views monthly, an average time spent of 14 minutes and 9 million users who connect their Pinterest account to Facebook – it is FAR more robust than most marketers realize.

Interestingly enough, only 20% of the content pinned is original, meaning 80% of all activity is re-pins.

It also has incredible abilities to drive faster SEO results than any other social media platform, except Google+ (Naturally! Google loves their own products.). I have a pinboard currently ranking #1 on Google for localized SEO  after trying unsuccessfully to do it for over a year organically on my website.

Here’s how to rank well on Pinterest - it’s surprisingly easy.

Given the site is only 3 years old, many companies are still struggling with how to use Pinterest and unsure if it is a good fit for their marketing strategies.

If you are undecided, here are a few “rules of thumb” to use.

Pinterest is essential IF…

  1. You are an e-commerce company selling products online. Pinterest’s ability to drive referral traffic and convert buyers is fantastic and FAST. It’s applicable to both B2C and B2B companies.
  2. You are a highly visual business. If you are an interior designer, photographer, media publisher,  restaurant or chef, or any other type of business that is based on beautiful visuals, then Pinterest is a wonderful way to share them. You will need original photography that you own the licensing rights to use.
  3. You are a public personality, such as a speaker, TV spokesperson, radio show host or author. Creating a speaker “roll” or newsroom of your media coverage is highly useful. Many don’t realize pins can include video, not just images.
  4. You are a local business who understands the importance of geography-based SEO. When done correctly, Pinterest SEO can help you rank within just a few days for competitive keywords or phrases that simply take too long to rank well organically on a website.

Pinterest is not terribly useful IF…

  1. You don’t have anywhere to drive the traffic to – such as a website or Facebook page. Pinterest activity should be about conversion, not just awareness.
  2. You don’t have the resources to create original pins, such as infographics, photography images or video. Just repinning isn’t likely to help your business bottom line very much.
  3. You aren’t pinning with purpose – and commenting/liking other pins to start conversations. If you don’t have a goal behind your activity, how do you know if you achieve it? Be sure to match what you are doing on ANY social media with what you are trying to accomplish. Not every social platform fits every goal.

So… are you Pinteresting enough? If you haven’t taken a closer look at Pinterest to see if it fits your brand strategy – or your client’s strategies, if you are with an agency – then you could be missing out on a powerful resource.

Go check it out! Or post a comment if you disagree or have some great insight to share.

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  • navneetsau's picture
    Sep 20 Posted 3 years ago navneetsau

    Interesting post Carrie. Thumb rules which you have shared are pretty awesome to do and don't do the use pinterest for a business. I have seen many businesses which are noting using pinterest very effectively and many of them are just sharing their own content. I got fed up when they don't even go with the right consultation. By the way thanks for sharing your valuable ideas.

  • Sep 20 Posted 3 years ago OptimaJim

    Thanks for including the address for your Pinterest account, as Pinterest's own search feature couldn't seem to find your boards. I've read more than one article on Pinterest here, written by someone who either individually or as part of their marketing business, really hasn't been active on the site, so it is refreshing to see your boards have a fair amount of activity.

    Still waiting for the article on how and why boards are chosen by Pinterest as seed accounts, as has happened with two of our boards. I'm still trying to decide if this is a good thing or not. We really don't get much more engagement or traffic from those boards, than our other boards. I guess it makes us feel warm and fuzzy, because our follower numbers keep going up though.

  • Anika Davis's picture
    Sep 20 Posted 3 years ago Anika Davis

    While Pinterest helps your brand spread throughout and get leads, it still needs commitment just like any other social media. So you’re true when you said Pinterest won’t work for you if you don’t engage yourself in the community, and as we all know—Pinterest is all about pinning. Incredibly helpful article, Carrie! Thanks!

  • CWDNOwner's picture
    Sep 20 Posted 3 years ago CWDNOwner

    Great article lots of good information. I am still trying to get the hang of Pinterest as a marketing tool along with the more popular social media outlets but this info is inspirational for sure.

  • Sep 19 Posted 3 years ago egodasa

    i use pinterest too.i like it to promote my online shop thats sells a souvenir and i have a many image thats can be uploaded to pinterest.but for the first time it's hard to get it works.

    and i think,pinterest is the best to make a brand for our online shop.

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