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Is Pinterest the Uncreative Cousin of Tumblr?

What do we gain from Pinterest? A certain satisfaction associated with being able to collect numerous random images and relate them to you? I guess that’s cool. Pinning [pictures] to your boards as if you are the owner of them, and making the digital world aware of your creative depth, (which may or may not be a façade) makes us feel like we have created something, and are therefore intelligent. Great. This is just what Gen-y needed; more people pumping us up about how awesome we are, and now we have a social platform to help boost our egos. Moving on.

Under a microscope, Pinterest, in many ways, is closely related to its deep thinking cousin, Tumblr. In case you’ve been living in a fallout shelter, Tumblr broke onto the social media scene in 2007. The blogging platform use to be the “It” spot for bloggers, micro-bloggers, artists, and the like. Before hipsters we’re hipsters, this platform was awesome. Tumblr was the place to showcase your work and interact within the creative/faux intellectual community digitally. Users grew cult-like followings, and continue to do so. Some users showcased collage entries that extend to the hundreds of thousands, while others found new ways to bring comedy through “.gif’s” that go viral, like #whatshouldwecallme. Needless to say the platform is changing with the social media times.

Although related in a sense that they both let you organize in an inspiration board/collage setting, an article from Gizmodo breaks down the difference in the simplest “Dude and Bro” terms:

“If you distilled a blog down you'd get a tumblr, and if you distilled tumblr, you'd get Pinterest”.

Pinterest doesn’t that sound glamorous or intelligent anymore does it? Oops. I don’t want to make it sound like hard-core pinners are not creative; because the way people organize their thoughts are their board are unique and special to each user. I am saying that Pinterest is most definitely a spin off of the more mentally challenging Tumblr. Thoughts?

'Cause we are living in a digital world and I'm @Soshalmediagirl XB


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