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Predictions for 2013 Emerging Marketing Trends

If internet marketing experts are honest, they will say that no one can predict the future (even if they claim the ability). The best the experts can do is analyze current and historical trends and postulate what the future will hold based on that data. This inability for Internet marketers to predict emerging marketing trends in 2013 is definitely not reason enough to prevent them from imagining where marketing will head in the coming 12 months.

Based on recent history and marketing trends in 2012, local search marketing experts and B2B marketing analysts alike agree that 2013 will see great innovation in the delivery mechanism, growth, automation, and expansion of these current trends: cross-channel marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing. New, emerging marketing techniques that, as of now, have not been invented, or are not widely known will also boom in the upcoming year. Here is a list of specific 2013 marketing trend predictions:

  1. The Demand for Online Marketing Will Continue to Increase
    Internet marketing has become the best and most cost effective way to create brand awareness, increase product demand, and generate leads for a company. As companies continue to realize the potential of the online marketing resource, the demand for Internet marketing services and service companies should continue to increase.
  2. The Content King is Once Again Crowned
    Search engine marketing experts all agree that providing quality content across all marketing media is the foundation of a successful marketing campaign. 2013 should see a rise in content creation software, as well as content creation service companies.
  3. Cross-Platform Marketing Will Come Into Its Own
    Currently, there are several venues for marketing effort focus and distribution. Venues include SEO, SEM, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and other lead generation efforts. In 2013, the ability to cross-integrate a marketing strategy across all online marketing venues should become actualized. This will give companies the ability to deliver a single minded message across multiple platforms.
  4. The Rise of Big Data
    The ability to consolidate and access Big Data for use in marketing campaigns has been an emerging marketing want throughout 2012. As sets of data housed on servers have become larger and more intensive, they have become very difficult to process using single company-based information processing software or database administration tools. A better solution is needed to keep up with the growth. The major software companies have been scrambling to provide the first-to-market software solution that will make Big Data accessible to the corporate marketing world. 2013 should see the delivery of those solutions.
  5. The Further Improvement of Analytics
    As marketing trends shift and new marketing strategies are invented, ROI still remains the key metric for analysis. If a marketing strategy yields no return on investment, then it will not remain a part of a company’s marketing budget. In 2013, new ways of analyzing, measuring, and qualifying current and future marketing strategies will allow marketers and companies to more quickly and easily gage ROI and the effectiveness of specific marketing strategies.
  6. Internet Marketers Will Move Away From PPC
    The trend for 2013 seems to be towards other, more cost-effective online paid search marketing avenues. PPC has been a mainstay for several years, but if 2012 is any indication of things to come, then (at least for corporate paid internet marketing strategies) PPC could be on the decline.
  7. Our World Has Gone Mobile
    2012 saw more and more technology move towards mobile devices and serving consumer demand for mobile applications. It is predicted that by 2014 the majority of people accessing the internet will do so from mobile devices. In 2013, mobile is certain to continue its growth and “reinvention of the wheel”, as some search marketing experts have put it. Companies are already beginning to recognize the need to serve mobile demand. 2013 will see more and more companies shifting their direction to feed the mobile frenzy.
  8. The Expansion of Local Search
    In 2007, Google made a calculated shift towards providing searchers with locally relevant search results. The majority of searches at the time were found to actually be seeking local results, so Google decided to service the need. This shift reinvented the way people search and the way marketers approach their marketing strategies. In 2012, Google made the switch from Google Places to Google+ Local. 2013 will see the expansion and further implementation of search engine updates to better serve the demand for local results. In 2013, companies will also expand their local search marketing efforts in an attempt to capture as much local market share for their products and services as possible.

Again, while search marketing experts and marketers usually do not profess to be able to accurately see into the future, they can make predictions and projections of trends to come based on current and recently historical trends. Based on current data and trends, 2013 should see innovation, expansion, automation, and refinement across the entire marketing industry.

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  • Jul 16 Posted 3 years ago webmarketingquote

    These trends are surely outstanding. Thanks for sharing this Chris. These trends will make Internet Marketing easier than before for sure. However, it is not on the trends that the success of an Internet Marketing campaign will rely on. It is on the Internet Marketing Firm that you’ve hired. The success of a company’s Internet Marketing campaign depends on the expertise of the marketing firm. In a marketing firm we must consider if they have these expertise that we are looking for - 

  • oliviacis's picture
    Jan 16 Posted 4 years ago oliviacis

    Among all the trends, obviously socal media marketing through social networks is the best. No other medium can be as powerful and quick as social neworks in reaching the target audience out there.

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