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President Barack Obama on Tumblr

http://37.media.tumblr.com/09391f1561178e3112f44516be6dbe4b/tumblr_n6pbmpw0PE1s9dnijo1_1280.jpgIt's almost hard to believe that a statement like this is true: President Barack Obama is on Tumblr.

This past Tuesday, Obama appeared on the microblogging social network known as Tumblr in order to answer questions regarding student loans. He covered a number of topics on the matter, ranging from reducing student loans across the board to the importance of education in general. It goes without saying that most students would focus more so on the former than the latter. Regardless, this marks Obama's first Q&A on Tumblr and many college students and Internet marketing firms focused on the event in question.

In order to assess this event in what I believe to be the best way possible, here are 3 talking points concerning the first-ever appearance of Barack Obama on Tumblr. 

Expansion is present on Tumblr

When you think about the most commonly utilized social media platforms for business-related purposes, it's safe to say that your mind will be drawn to some of the more common names, Facebook and Twitter included. This isn't to say that Tumblr cannot be utilized for business but the truth of the matter is that, for so long, it had a reputation of being more of a hobbyist site than anything else. Instead of Tumblr being used to better SEO efforts, for example, Tumblr was more or less a platform for communication purposes. However, with events like Obama's digital presser and "Halt and Catch Fire" being the first TV show to premiere on Tumblr last month, this particular website is growing and it's difficult to say when, or if, it'll stop.

Tumblr's audience is reaffirmed

While there are older individuals on this particular website, Tumblr's primary user base has always been considerably younger. In fact, it's been said that 46% of Tumblr's users are between the ages of 16 and 24. In short, the idea of discussion regarding college education on Tumblr is not exactly as farfetched as someone on the outside might believe. After all, a majority of the posts and reblogs are focused on lighter topics that young adults enjoy, including but not limited to baby animal picture sets and memes. While college information isn't as leisurely, there's still a tremendous level of value to be had with topics like student loans amongst Tumblr's prime demographic.

It speaks to Obama's social approach

The best way to describe Obama's demeanor, whether on the Internet or vis television, is unconventional compared to presidents of the past. All you have to do is look back at 2007 where Obama showed off some of his dance moves alongside Ellen Degeneres. What about his cameo on Saturday Night Live under a Barack Obama mask before he unveiled to the live studio audience? "Unconventional" is arguably the best term to describe Obama's social activity but he's been effective on every platform. In a way, that's what makes his utilization of Tumblr - a platform that deviates from the norm - as noteworthy as it is. 

Obama understands that social media is utilized by high school and college students alike but they are drawn to particular platforms. It's difficult to say if Facebook would have been the best option, given its dwindling numbers in terms of young adults. However, with a good portion of Tumblr consisting of these individuals, the idea of college education discussion adds that much more weight to Obama from a social standpoint. 

Photo Credit: http://37.media.tumblr.com/09391f1561178e3112f44516be6dbe4b/tumblr_n6pbmpw0PE1s9dnijo1_1280.jpg

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