Producing Consistently High Quality Blog Content

Daniel Rpoll CEO,

Posted on October 12th 2012

Producing Consistently High Quality Blog Content

Creating quality content isn’t necessarily hard. It is, however, more challenging to consistently produce the content. One day you might be able to churn out several blog posts for the upcoming week. Another day you might feel lucky to finish just one or two posts. Consistent content is important for your blog while the quality of content is even more so. If you put the following methods into place you just might find that producing quality blog content on a consistent basis doesn’t have to be hard.

1. Consider Your Blog a Job

If you consider your blogging to be more like a job you are more likely to consistently produce content. It’s when we don’t take it seriously enough and post regularly that we get off track and think it's okay to go a week or two without publishing anything. If you want to keep your readers and gain new readers you need to have consistent posts.

2. Mark Your Calendar

Most people have a certain time of day when they are more productive. Create a schedule to stay on track of your published content and works in progress. Allow a set amount of time each day to work on your blogging whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or evening. Whatever time of day you feel most productive is a good time to schedule your blogging. Keep your calendar up to date on what you’ve accomplished and new tasks that need to be accomplished in the future.

3. Compose a List of Titles

Do some research at the start or end of each week to gather a list of potential blog titles for future publishing. This will help when it’s time to start creating a post because you won’t have to spend time researching what you want to write. With a list full of possible titles you can choose one and start on it right away. Keep your list updated weekly and try to stay a week ahead to allow for any unexpected delays. When we feel pressed for time and try to churn out a blog post quickly it can result in a poorly written post which is a turn-off for your readers.

4. Not Just One

Try to write more than one blog post a time. Even if they won’t be published at the same time, you are able to get a step ahead, if not a few, and save time later in the week. If you have finished one post and still have time left go ahead and start another one. It’s even better if you can create a week’s worth of content at a time so that each day you already have a post ready to be published. You can even set it to publish on a certain day so all you have to do is click one button and your post is live.

5. Rehash Old Content

If you feel stuck in terms of what topics or titles to choose for your next post, consider your published posts. Look for those already stirring up conversation and re-cap the post adding some new information for your readers. Look at your post from a new perspective and take your reader’s comments into consideration too. Maybe they had some answers that could be clarified more in a post rather than a single comment response. You can also gather new title ideas from reading the feedback your users have left on any and all blog posts.

Producing consistent quality blog content will become easier as you develop and stick to a blogging schedule. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming either. Plan to spend a certain amount of time each day or at least 2-3 days a week to work on content for the following week. Staying ahead keeps you focused and motivated; two things you need for a successful blog.

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Dan Ripoll is a Stanford alumnus and the CEO of, a trusted guest blogging platform used by website owners looking to increase the authority of their websites.

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