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Proof: Content Creation Does Great Things

 I have a story to tell you that proves the effectiveness and, in this case, importance of content creation. content creation

I am currently sitting in the lobby of the Morgan Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.  I got here at 6 am and am waiting for the rest of my immediate family to join me. This weekend I am attending a family reunion of 15 or so American relatives I’ve never met and about 30 Irish relatives, also all of whom I never met. This may never have happened without the Internet and the magic of content creation.

My dear grandmother, Margaret Francis Donovan Carpenter, passed away back in February.  She lived an incredibly full life and was a very thoughtful and caring woman.  The years I got to spend with my grandmother were special beyond words and I will hold those memories near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life.

In addition to this social media blog, I also maintain a personal blog called The Leiter Side of Life.  I started it as a creative outlet of sorts.  I love to write.  I live to write.  I realized my life was missing that and, well, started writing again; about the little things that a 20-something in this day and age finds entertaining and valuable.

Back in February after my grandmother passed, I wrote a blog post rehashing some of my favorite memories. A eulogy of sorts.

Several months after writing that post, I received a message on LinkedIn from a relative in Maryland.

content creation

Needless to say I accepted Frank’s request and put him in touch with my mother.

Turns out Frank had been doing lots of research on our family tree and trying to piece together all the relatives from the O’Donovan bloodline. The Internet has made genealogy a much less daunting task to try to tackle.

Had I not written that blog post about my grandmother, would Frank have found me and my immediate family? Maybe. But the fact that I did write that blog post, am active on the Internet and have a LinkedIn profile made it a whole lot easier for him to do so.

While this post isn’t entirely about inbound marketing or social media, I think it proves an important point: people are out there searching for something specific. Create the specific content that they are searching for.

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  • mleiter's picture
    Oct 2 Posted 3 years ago mleiter

    Thanks for the praise, Emily. I agree! Blogging can truly be an adventure and a great form of communication and story telling.

  • Emily Hunter's picture
    Sep 28 Posted 3 years ago Emily Hunter

    I love the name of your blog - it would have taken me a little bit to come up with that name. :)  What I do a lot of times in my personal blogs is view every post that I make as an adventure - every interaction that I make with the people out in the blogosphere can come back in mysterious ways.  Basically, it comes down to the idea that you never really know when the eye of 'internet blessing' will be upon you.  

  • Marshall Crawford's picture
    Sep 28 Posted 3 years ago Marshall Crawford No doubt content writing is one of the most important elements of marketing. You need to distribute quality information to get noticed. In order to become an effective writer, it's important that you know what your audience is looking for. You have to give them the best, the only way you can win them.

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