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Pros and Cons of High Posting Frequency on your Blog

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Pros and Cons of High Posting Frequency on your Blog

Ultimately if you are a blog owner you are likely utilizing a blog to provide helpful information that is relevant to your product, service or in general niche. For this reason alone you likely have a blog posting frequency that may or may not be meeting your needs.

How Will Regular Posting Effect My Blog?

Posting frequency can increase traffic in a few different ways.

1. One of the most obvious ways is that the more post that are created, the more pages search engine crawlers have to index. Most important can be that the more frequently the pages are created, the more frequently the need for the crawlers to return. This can also mean more traffic for your site.

2. Readers who are in search of the exact information that you are providing may be excited at the prospect of finding a blog that regularly post updates and information on their exact topic. These readers are often the same who will write encouraging comments on your blog to let you know that people are reading and gaining knowledge from your information. This can also gain you feed subscribers.

3. Frequent posting can also mean that each time a person, or crawler, returns to your site, there is more pages to read. This alone can improve Alexa traffic rankings. The other side is that readers who need to view two or three pages per visit also goes a long way in increasing your traffic ranks.

4. Notoriously, blogs that are more frequently updated will increase in page rank much faster than those who only provide weekly or monthly updates. Additionally, things such as paid links or reviews could also affect your page ranking in an adverse manner.

How Often Should I Post?

Determining how often to post is the million dollar question.

One of the best answers would be another great question: How often do you want readers coming to your site?

Well, even though the simple answer is that easy, the complex answer may vary a bit from the daily posting idea.

It may be a better idea to compare the pros and cons of why posting more or less frequently may be for your particular blog. If you are considering posting as infrequently as once or twice per week, or even just once per month, what will the actual benefit be?


  • You will definitely have more time on your hands to handle other projects
  • You will have more time for marketing or promotions
  • You will not burn out or feel pressure on the content creation for your blog


  • You are giving your readers very little reason to stop by your site more than once or twice per week, or month
  • Blog sites that provide more frequent information may receive prospective traffic first
  • Readers may believe you are on an extended leave or intentionally neglecting your content
  • The loss of traffic may result in your own loss of interest in the site, which is a sure death certificate for your blog

So what if you have decided to go the extra mile and begin posting far more frequently than once per month?

Let’s say you have committed to posting four times per day so that you can reap all the benefits of frequent posting. What are the pros and cons?


  • Readers have a great reason to return daily
  • Your productivity is increasingly impressive, to you and your readers
  • Your blog is very active and appears well maintained


  • Once you begin to lose your momentum, it can be increasingly hard to keep up this pace
  • Visitors may be overwhelmed by all of the information
  • You may be getting fewer comments because readers have less time between reading posts
  • You may burn yourself out quickly and become discouraged with the blog altogether

As long as you choose a posting frequency that you can keep up with, or afford to keep up with, you should eventually get the results you are seeking. Once your blog has higher page rankings, you may also want to consider allowing guest posting to allow the frequency to continue with less cost and effort on your part.

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Join The Conversation

  • Dec 27 Posted 6 years ago Kit Harbottle (not verified)

    Doesn't it matter whether you have something new and interestng to say?

  • Dec 26 Posted 6 years ago Scott Howard (S... (not verified)

    I post at least 36 new blog posts every week.


    But I have a system.  And a plan, and it works.


    My 1st primary site is entitled Collective Wisdom.  It is set up as a way of sharing Wisdom from others in the area of advertising, sales and marketing.  I always post a SalesTip at 6am, then have an update at noon and an update at 6pm.  Weekdays, the 6pm update is a reposting of a newsletter from Mediapost highlighting some of the top marketing advertising stories of the past 24 hours.

    There are some days when I will do 4 updates.  Instead of the noon update, I'll post at 10am and again at 2pm.

    All blog posts include an introduction by me, but the primary purpose is to share the Wisdom of others.

    I also have another blog that is updated at least once a week on Tuesdays, on the subject of Advertising, Marketing, Sales, and Media which is strictly my writing. A friend asked me to write a book on the subject and I started the blog, The Not-So-Secret Writings of ScLoHo instead.

    The 3rd primary site is a personal blog entitled Really? Twice a day I have updates.  A couple years ago I started promoting my hometown with a Fort Wayne site of the day at 6am.  Then at 4:08pm I have my afternoon post which varies depending on the day.  Saturday's I post the Saturday Night Classic Music Video.  Tuesday's I do a Tech Tip for Non-Techies.  Other days will either feature something from the heart, or wisdom from another blog or email that I subscribe to.

    These 3 blogs are getting a total over over 10,000 page views per month, according to the built in stat counter from Google.  (They are built on Google's Blogger or Blogspot platform).

    Blogging is not my full time occupation.  I use it as a means of building my own personal brand. (As a matter of fact, next month I'll be speaking to a University class about Personal Branding).

    What has also helped spread the word on my blogs, besides the search engine results, is my activity on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Most of my posts are promoted on Twitter, the Fort Wayne site of the day is also promoted on Facebook and the daily sales tip is also promoted on LinkedIn. 


  • Dec 26 Posted 6 years ago Wayne McEvilly (not verified)

    I am a virtual beginner blogger, but this post is useful to get me thinking about making some basic decisions- my hunch is it is important just to have a clear idea about your own comfort zone and making some firm commitment to a specific schedule - maybe even once a week minimum to start - I am still discovering what it is that I inend to accomplish via my blog. 



  • Dec 26 Posted 6 years ago Kay Bigelow (not verified)

    Well thought out pros and cons, but the question remains, how often to post. If posting every day is the answer, and the results are not what you want, is there a way of going down to three or four times a week that doesn't say "I can't keep up?" or "People aren't flocking to my blog so I'm going to stop expending so much time?"

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