Protecting Your Brand: The State of Social Infrastructure in The Enterprise

An Exclusive Webinar from Social Media Today

September 30 @ 12PM Eastern

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 12:00
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Social media has quickly become the face of modern communications for organizations. It’s shifted from a branding, advertising, and research experiment to a rich, core communication channel for sales, recruiting, customer service, and marketing. While the blueprint has changed, few in the business can actually discern exactly what it looks like. That's because social media is an external communications channel. Unlike email and web communications that corporations, and particularly IT teams own and operate, social communications are only managed by marketing.

In this webinar, expert speakers will explore new research on the Fortune 500's social media accounts, including the accounts, applications, and tools they use to connect and communicate. From this research, other organizations can learn how to create and understand their social blueprint to better coordinate resources, reduce risk, and maximize social ROI. Specifically we’ll discuss:

·      Social accounts, tools, and technology used by Fortune 500 companies

·      Understanding your organization’s social communication infrastructure across the entire web

·      Coordinating social media content review among marketing and legal/risk personnel

·      Monitoring all brand-affiliated social media accounts for audit, protection, and compliance

·      Building trust through social media security to maximize your social marketing strategy’s ROI

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Join us next week for #SMTLive with @Nissan, @socialmedia2day, and @Aramark.