Putting the Brains into B2B Content Sharing

Erin C. Nelson Marketing & Communication Manager , exploreB2B

Posted on April 26th 2012

Putting the Brains into B2B Content Sharing

ImageWhen seeking specific, professional information or looking to solve a problem, try to think of an example where the advice of an expert is not more effective than that of a layperson. An acute medical issue? We visit a specialist. Mechanical trouble? We seek the experienced mechanic or trusted dealership. Legal dispute? You better believe we find the best representation at our disposal. The list goes on.

In the hectically chaotic world of B2B social media, the knowledge of experts has no less value.

With 57% of people talking more online than in real life and 2/3 of web users using social networks as their source for professional and personal news, there is a growing need for expert knowledge (in every industry) to exist within these networks.

The problem? With the abundance of content being shared, posted, tweeted, stumbled, pinned, and tumblr'd - it becomes more and more difficult to trust the source and value of the content, then use this to inspire lead users and customers on a business-to-business scale.

What we need is a system that allows experts to create content that can be shared within a professional audience that is willing and eager to listen. How can we do this? Hashtags help. So too does creating dialogue amongst industry leaders and participating in topics surrounding relevant professional, research or academic findings on all major sites.

Yet, imagine a space where both the writer (solver) and information seeker (question administrator) have a place to inquire and respond, then network and interact with one another.

Such platforms would provide a pivotal advantage for companies seeking to market, exchange knowledge and collaborate with other professionals. And in fact, they already exist. LinkedIn, of course, has this goal in mind but falls short on several crutial aspects. One, the massive amount of content and groups are so excessive, there is no way to easily share expertise or access that which is desired. Two, there is no place within the platform that illustrates the sum of knowledge you (the expert) possess.

What is required then, is a platform where content can be composed, shared, accessed, stored and used to network with other B2B professionals who seek to distribute innovation and tap into the ingenuity of others. A place where thought leaders are bread and others inspired to contribute and interact.

Such a place for experts and their inquirers exists. Just see for yourself. 


Erin C. Nelson

Marketing & Communication Manager , exploreB2B

Erin is the Marketing & Communication Manager for exploreB2B, an business networking platform. She focuses on community engagement, content creation/curation and advancing opportunities for business professionals through article writing. From San Francisco, lives in Berlin.
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