Putting the "Social" in Social Enterprise #SMTLive Storify

Posted on October 31st 2013

Putting the "Social" in Social Enterprise #SMTLive Storify

Suzie McCarthy

Suzie was previously a PhD student at the University of Virginia studying the dynamics between social media and political participation. In addition to working on social media from a theoretical perspective, she has also personally utilized social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to successfully mobilize groups and achieve change. Most recently, in June 2012, Suzie utilized social media to mount the campaign to reinstate UVA’s President Theresa Sullivan. She is currently working on a project looking at the social media analytics utilized by the Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign. In her spare time she enjoys cross-country skiing, hiking, and Magic the Gathering.

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Has this webinar been recorded? I missed it yesterday, can I still view? 

Phil, it should be up within the next 24 hours, or shortly thereafter. Hope you enjoy it!