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Putting Your Best Tweet Forward

ImageBusiness owners, sales representatives, corporations, and marketers alike have taken the necessary steps to properly brand their Twitter account. Twitter users will recognize these accounts because they are eloquently designed and feature properly sized profile photos, informative and keyword driven bios, working website links, and corporately branded backgrounds.

However, there is more to a Twitter account than what (initially) meets the eye.


Twitter allows users to Favourite tweets from any other Twitter user. Indicated with a small star icon, Favouriting saves the particular tweet for later in a folder labeled “Favourites” within your Twitter account. This is similar to bookmarking a website on a computer. The Twitter Favourites folder, however, is public to anyone who would like to view your Favourite Tweets.

How would you feel if the public had access to your personal bookmarks? It is likely that you would remove a few of them.

Take a moment to review and discard any Favourite tweets that are out-of-date, off-topic, or inappropriate.


There are management tools that claim to simplify users’ social media lives through automated services, which can include direct messages to new followers, scheduling tweets, and immediate follow-back services. Twitter users should use automatic follow-back services with caution. Fake and spam accounts on Twitter have garnered significant attention in the media recently. Thousands of illegitimate accounts have been identified following celebrities, musicians, corporations, and politicians.

If your Twitter account has an automated follow-back application and an adult-related website follows you, you’re now following them. This especially does not sit well if you are a person or company of influence or of a particular political stance.

Rather than setting yourself (and company) up for a potential media-circus, carefully review each new account that you choose to follow.

It is important that a business both develops and maintains a consistent image on Twitter. Implementing these changes will ensure that your Twitter account is squeaky clean because you never know what social media actions may and could be used against you.

image: twitter/shutterstock

Join The Conversation

  • belindasummers's picture
    May 5 Posted 4 years ago belindasummers

    Thanks for the article, Jennifer. While Twitter can be seen as a great marketing tool, there are plenty of reasons why one should carefully review before they post. You just wrote down two of these.

  • Jennifer Baker Consulting's picture
    May 4 Posted 4 years ago Jennifer Baker ...

    Hi Jeanne,

    The article does focus on brands and people in the limelight. There have been a few examples recently in the media of politicians "following" adult-content sites, and being publically flogged for that action. It's always good to be in control of your account.


  • reallyjeannie's picture
    May 4 Posted 4 years ago reallyjeannie

    hi, this is true for brands, but i wouldn't do this for my personal account.  Although i was concerned for a while about all my favorites, and sadly, i hardly even go back to them - i certainly don't have the time to unfavorite..... .  I think that the 'Favorite' function of Twitter is nice to have in the sense that currently, it saves twitter users from having to reply to anyone: they use the  favorite button as an option to respond.

    good point on the auto-follow, I agree that this is wrong.  We don't have to buy into every single app or feature.  As for the auto DM, this seemed like a good idea when it was new, but it defeats the purpose of being authentic.  It os now a nuisance and ot clutters the DM box with spam.  If Twitter users were to create an auto response, let ot be a mention and not an intrusive DM.

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