Q&A with Alfredo Gangotena, Chief Marketing Officer at MasterCard Worldwide

Posted on March 13th 2013

Q&A with Alfredo Gangotena, Chief Marketing Officer at MasterCard Worldwide

Alfredo Gangotena is chief marketing officer of MasterCard Worldwide, with global responsibility for the company's advertising, sponsorships, promotions, research, insights and digital marketing initiatives.

Hayley Dunn: In your view, what are the big issues to watch out for in 2013?Alfredo

Alfredo Gangotena:

- Scalable Real Time Marketing Solutions
- Common Mobile Marketing Standard Formats
- Social Commerce

Hayley Dunn: Do you feel that brands across the board aren't doing enough to utilize social media?

Alfredo Gangotena: While the majority of brands are now using social media, few are using it effectively at scale in direct support of their business objectives. We are focusing on listening, learning, responding, curating, sharing, and fueling conversations that directly impact our business in measurable ways. While not perfect, we’ve got plans in place to continuously improve and expand our efficient use of social media.

Hayley Dunn: Social is such a dynamic platform, if you could predict the biggest game changer in the next 10 years what would it be?

Alfredo Gangotena: Ten years is a long time and I suspect we’ll see lots of change. Facebook is still less than 10 years old and look what they’ve accomplished. I suspect we’ll start to see more ambient location-based solutions soon and that “social” will become less isolated single site experiences where one chooses to go to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Instead, I imagine it will all be housed in a single unified place, where all platforms are user focused in one place.


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