Red Bull Facebook Timeline Timewarp

Posted on March 6th 2012

Red Bull Facebook Timeline Timewarp

The roll-out of Facebook Timeline for brands on leap day proved to be a showcase for brands that were a part of the private beta prior to the roll-out. One of the clear winners out of the gate was Red Bull. Not only has the brand done a great job of seeding milestone content since it’s founding, they launched an incredibly compelling scavenger hunt that spans the history of the company and integrates brand milestones in a seamless manner with the hunt.

By pinning the contest, Red Bull is highlighting the campaign for 7 days and ensures that any user that drops onto their timeline is met with an inviting opportunity to join the hunt. Terms and conditions are the only link to an app that houses the rules of the contest.

Here is the app housing the terms & conditions. Note that canvas apps now have a width of 810 px.

Step 1 – The initial clue called for a user to go back to the 1st Red Bull ever sold. The next step was to identify the date on the bottom of the can for the next clue.

Step 2 – By applying an Instagram type filter and a clue to look outside the box, the next date was revealed as part of the image frame.

Step 3 – Next, Red Bull pulled in a Spotify play-list image to unlock the next clue.

Step 4 – This clue took a moment as the border states this is a clue. Pull up the image and step back and “clear your mind” and the next date is revealed.

Step 5 – This clue took the longest for me to unveil. Driven by a clue by Red Bull in the comments RE: CAPS, I took the first capped letters in the message to unveil the phrase “Find the Timecodes”. This referenced the 4 images below and the time in the YouTube video where they appear to reveal the next date.

Step 6 – The photo was tagged with “Anna Graham” and the clue was a rag man or anagram. Which is simply a puzzle to unscramble the words to form a new saying. By taking the clues I was able to unlock the final clue.

Step 7 – The final step proved to be the most difficult of the 7 as it was based on a public key crypotsystem using prime numbers combined with the final clue of 2=a & 3=x to decipher the final location of the Timeline Timewarp web-site along with the password to complete the scavenger hunt.

The level of complexity associated with the hunt and the true integration into elements of timeline made the experience fun and engaging, but I question the duration of engagement for the average consumer to stay engaged throughout. Regardless, it is the first example of a compelling brand promotion leveraging Timeline.

Larry Weintraub

Larry Weintraub

CEO, Fanscape

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Jarreau Joseph Weber
Posted on March 6th 2012 at 10:26AM

Red Bull has been a brand that has always managed to stay ahead of the Social Media curve. Other brands should take note!

Posted on March 6th 2012 at 4:21PM

Just to point out that the terms and conditions page above is hosted on the subdomain. It's not a custom 'tab' - notice the absence of Page navigation links at the top. So it's not limited to 810px.