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Revamped Google Maps: A 3D Experience Like No Other

The battle between Apple iOS and Android continues and not just amongst their hip and cool gadgets. Even the features they packed into their much-desired phones and tablets are trying to outdo one another. Just take the case of the Maps feature incorporated in Apple’s latest iOS6. Apple decided to stop using Google Maps with their software due to licensing issues. Hence, when Apple released this latest software a couple of months back they incorporated the new application for mapping and direction, which some claimed would finally bring iOS devices on a head-to-head with Android-powered devices. After all, Android maps (powered by Google) have the upper hand where finding your way and asking for directions is concerned.

Nevertheless, it seems that Android is still the runaway favorite despite the hype showered on iOS6’s latest feature. Why is that? Apparently, Google is giving their maps a complete overhaul.

Google Maps Go 3D

In an attempt to make navigation so much easier, Google has recently announced that they would change the way images are shown on Google Maps. This is great news for Android users who depend on Google Maps to find their way through. A barrage of airplanes were sent by Google over major cities all across the globe, each one with the capacity to capture advanced, detailed 3D imagery and information. This includes color gradations to allow users to identify vegetation easily, information about terrain, and additional labels for natural land formations. What does this mean for users who rely heavily on Android navigation?

It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Helicopter

This overhauling of Google Maps will make you feel as though you have your own personal helicopter. How is that? Well, the new and updated map would allow you not just to zoom in and out of the maps but also to swoop in and out of major cities across the world and see exact replicas of these cities. Heck, even terrain and vegetation will get unabashed 3D treatment. This makes for an awesome 3D mapping experience. All these is made possible by the hi-tech “Google Planes” technology, which makes it possible to gather data enough to recreate notable details in every city – bridges, buildings, and even trees!

Overhaul in the Throes of Apple’s “Ditching” Plan

Google seems to know how to play the game well, as it pushed through with the revamp just when Apple set out to launch its own version of Maps. However, while the map incorporated in the iOS6 is impressive, it has been getting a lot of negative press. Even those who upgraded to iOS6 and started using the maps feel as if they have dug a deep hole for themselves.

Offline Maps for Android Users

In order to make up for the loss of iPhone and iPad users, Google has decided to make offline maps and support available for Android phone users. This means even without data or Wi-Fi connection, users can still access maps whenever, wherever. Moreover, this offline access supports 150 countries and can store up to six large metropolises (think London, New York, or Paris). Therefore, finding your way when you’re stuck in an area with no data service will no longer pose any problems for you.

Although Apple has taken painstaking care to make their maps efficient, it looks like Google Maps has taken even more care to ensure the data they present is detailed. So what’s it going to be for you?

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